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Bali & Bakits (watercolor)

  • 10" Squares - Bali & Batiks
  • 2 1/2" - Bali Hoffman Rainbow Strips
    2 1/2
  • 2 1/2" Strips - Bali Batiks Browns
    2 1/2
  • 2 1/2" Strips - Bali Batiks Pastels
    2 1/2
  • 2 1/2" Strips - Bali Batiks Purples
    2 1/2
  • 2 1/2" Strips - Bali Batiks Reds
    2 1/2


30 West Main St. Wilmington, VT 05363   From Brattleboro take Route 9 West to Wilmington. Stay on Route 9 through the 2 traffic lights (we hav...

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The 2nd Time to Last Time I Cried

The 2nd Time to Last Time I Cried

October 01, 2018

I miss my partner in crime, the lady who sided with me through thick and thin and then would bop me on the head when I was wrong while calling me a "dumb bunny." My Grandma, Sue Wurzberger was strong-willed but yet gentle at the same time. She had the best dry humor, and I relish when people say I speak like her. 

A month or so ago I had a lady came into the shop asking for the "older lady." To no fault of hers I replied with, 'you're looking at her because I'm a tad older then Beckie...'. The women would not take the hint, and she continued to ask a few more times and described the women she was hoping to see at the shop. And then the moment hit me when I could no longer keep joking. I could feel the ugly tears coming... and then they poured out of me uncontrollably. 

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Blenders & Tonals Fabric

  • Blueberry EYJ-5573-77 Fusion
    Blueberry EYJ-5573-77 Fusion
  • Slate EYJ-5573-66 Fusion
    Slate EYJ-5573-66 Fusion
  • Powder EYJ-5573-65 Fusion
    Powder EYJ-5573-65 Fusion
  • Blush EYJ-5573-96 Fusion
    Blush EYJ-5573-96 Fusion
  • Nutmeg EYJ-5573-175 Fusion
    Nutmeg EYJ-5573-175 Fusion
  • Aubergine EYJ-5573-221 Fusion
    Aubergine EYJ-5573-221 Fusion