June's Quilting your Legacy's Monthly Challenge is Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Projects

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Spotlighting Quilts of Valor and Patriotic Projects for your home and more!
June's Quilting your Legacy's Monthly Challenge is Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Projects.

Not only are we encouraging Red, White and Blue projects for your homes, such as door panels, table toppers, couch quilts, and more but also to help you to sew a few blocks or make a quilt for Quilts of Valor.

What are Quilts of Valor Quilts, and why should you care:

We're encouraging our Legacy Quilters to make quilts for our local Deerfield Valley Veterans.

Thank you for allowing us to explain Quilts of Valor and how freedom quilts can help our veterans.

Quilts of Valor is a non-profit foundation whose goal is to cover ALL physically or psychologically wounded service members with a freedom quilt, honoring them for their sacrifices.

The movement was initially started by Catherine Roberts of Seaford, DE, in 2003 but has now spread across the United States and even has an international presence.

We encourage you to follow the parameters outlined by the Quilts of Valor Foundation. I took the information provided on their website to share with you.

There are several ways you can get involved in the Quilts of Valor movement, and one of them doesn't even require sewing!

  • Any Individual can make a finished QOV quilt;
  • Any Quilting Group can make a finished QOV quilt;
  • Any Owners of quilting stores can make or donate a finished QOV quilt;
  • Donate funds to the QOV non-profit foundation;
  • Or donate fabrics to your local QOV group;
  • Donated funds offset the costs of shipping the QOVs to military hospitals.

Quilts-of-Valor has some Requirements.

Most Quilts of Valor are made from some combination of red, white, and blue fabrics. However, this is not a requirement. An American patchwork quilting design says a lot to a servicemember defending our rights!

Since the freedom quilts are distributed to adults, the size of the quilt and theme of the fabric are significant. Fabrics for children are not appropriate.

The size requirements for all quilts are:

  • Minimum quilt size: 50 X 60-inches
  • Maximum quilt size: 72 X 87-inches
  • All fabric must be 100 percent cotton
  • All quilts must be quilted, NOT tied
  • All quilts need the binding sewn on and securely stitched
  • All quilts must be laundered and clean.
  • All quilts must have a label stitched to the backside.
  • Each quilt must have a submission form secured with a pin.
  • Each quilt must be contained in a presentation case (matching pillowcase).
  • Each quilt must have a letter from the group, guild, or individual that made the quilt for the soldier to read and keep. 

Your stories will inspire the warriors/veterans, just as their stories will inspire you. The service member will, one day, appreciate the amount of work that went into making a freedom quilt and just exactly what kind of a loving and caring person would create such a token of appreciation.

To learn more detailed information you can go to the official Web Page for www.QOV.com


Block Swap! Red, White, and Blue for Quilts of Valor.
Come on the 3rd Saturday of the month and receive the month's block.

The cost to join is $5.00 for each quilt block kit or just the pattern. It's $2.00 (proceeds will go towards the batting, thread, and backing of the quilts). If you only want the pattern, we welcome you to use your red, white, and blue scraps. We only ask that they're 100% cotton fabrics and are red, white, and blue to keep with the patriotic theme.

Sit and sew with us (6ft apart with masks on), or we'll be happy to mail you out the Block Kit or only the pattern.

Then sew the block, return it to receive the next block pattern or block pattern with fabric.

I'm not sure how long it will take us, but I'm assuming in a few months, we'll have quilt tops made to get then them finished to present to local veterans.

The goal for the group is to sew patriotic quilt blocks. Then we'll turn into a quilt together.

I hope you'll join June's Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge!

What project jumps to your mind to make first?


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