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November 01, 2020 3 min read 36 Comments

Questions asked and answered during the Facebook Live Coffee with Emily about the upcoming Quilting your Legacy Table Topper Challenge.  

Below is a mix of questions (in no particular order) about what to expect during the sewing together on live videos (with recordings) to create beautiful table toppers to gift to your favorite people or keep for yourself to enjoy.

*NEW UPDATE:We will meet on Zoom. As we get closer to the start date I will email you a website link with secure password. We will not meet on Facebook as originally planned. 


Together we are going to :

• Save you time creating beautiful table-toppers
• Show you how to make the table toppers with live and recorded weekly videos
• Share your gifts with your favorite people

We will meet at 4-Sunday’s, and Emily will announce a time soon; however, we will meet in the morning.

We will meet on Zoom (I believe you do not need an account because I will email you the website link with secure password).

There will be Two cameras pointing at me. One showing my face, and the second pointing at my sewing machine and table to ensure you can see everything I’m doing as I sew. 

Where will you be sewing?

I will be sewing from home. Currently, my sewing room needs a little bit of love, so tomorrow, I will turn it into a camera-ready sewing studio.

When will our packages be shipped?

Soon. The USPS will send each package.

What are the table toppers?

I shared them during Live Facebook, and I welcome you to go back and watch the video. Each of the Quilting, your Legacy Table Toppers, are at the Norton House and one Table Topper I am a dishing the fabrics and hopefully sewing today to show you the 4th Table Topper apart of the Challenge.

However, to put your mind at ease, they will each be easy and quick to make but yet beautiful and rewarding.

When do we meet live?

We will meet on Sunday morning. I will most likely be sewing from home, so there should not be any rescheduling issues due to a snowstorm.

Currently, the dates for classes are: (Keep in mind there will be recordings available.)

• November 15
• November 22
• November 29
• December 6

Will there be recordings?

Yes! I’m very excited to announce there will be recordings.


Will I need to be on video too to have show myself sewing?

Nope. I believe you could show your face/sewing machine if you want to, but it’s not needed.


What should I have ready before a class?

• Important! It would be best if you had all of your pieces cut out.
• Your iron should be close by and turned on, ready to press at any moment
• Sewing machine dusted in the bobbin case
• Change your needle (Mystery bundle buyers, I’ve got your back (*wink*)
• Be sure your bobbin is full of thread

We will not have time during the live sessions to review anyone’s sewing machine.
Make sure your sewing machine is in working condition.

How long will each class be?

I’m planning on completing the top of the table topper. I’m not exactly sure how long each table topper will take because I have yet to time myself while sewing. However, you can come and go as you please.


Will we be finishing the Table Toppers or tops only?

We will be sewing the Table Topper only. We won’t have time to do the backing, batting, nor adding the binding because that will be your homework.

Although maybe we could get crazy and have a binding party together.

We could gossip and talk about the bachelorette… Just a thought.


What’s everything I need before each class?  

• Thread (I recommend using a light gray for all the projects)
• Rotary cutting mat with rulers. I love creative grids. (Friendly reminder that you will need to cut out all of your pieces before the class time and date.)
• Iron close by to your sewing machine
• Rotary cutter 
• Pins (mystery pack people, I’ve got your back)


Just a recap on what is expected before every Sunday meeting:

1. Cut out all of your sewing business pieces before the start date of the class
2. Make sure your sewing machine is clean and ready to go
3. You do not have to sew along. You could watch and joy the entertainment and then watch the recordings at a later time to sew the Table Toppers


What patterns are we going to sew?

Each of the 4-patterns is from Pieced Tree Patterns. I like how intuitive they’re with easy to follow instructions. Plus, the style is relatively simplistic too.





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