Quilting your Legacy Bucket List Challenge

Posted by Emily Hammer on

If presented the opportunity, would you accept a challenge to complete different sewing tasks each month with like-minded creative people to be entered into a $50. Drawing monthly? No purchase necessary.  If so, sign up with your email TODAY. 


Do you love sewing and creating?

Quilting your Legacy Bucket List Challenge is made up from a bucket list. A bucket list is many different experiences and achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime or in our case for the challenge, a year.

Its made up of 60 different challenges for the year from a wide range of skills, tasks, and challenges. It's for people who like to sew, want to improve their skills and show off what they make in an online community of like-minded people.

* No purchase is necessary.
* You can start or stop at any point.
* You must complete five of your choice challenges each month to be entered into the drawing.

The goal is to have fun. Try new techniques or things you've always wanted to do but haven't. The sky is the limit with why you would want to join the challenge. Everyone has their own personal story with their reasonings. It's up to you to continue your quilting legacy.



Quilting your Legacy Bucket List Challenge. No purchase necessary.  Sign up with your email TODAY. 


  • I signed up for this in 2019 but never got anything for 2020. I understood it was going to be a different challenge each month in 2020 but never got anything each month… didn’t know what the challenge was each month until people started posting pictures.

    Debbe on

  • In my younger years – I’ve made hundreds of quilts, now in my golden years I cannot hold anything still enough to look good. I would like not to send it on. Can I pay a minimal charge and just keep it?

    Verna Allen on

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