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Join us for the Red, White, and Blue Month Quiltingyour Legacy Monthly Challenge, celebrating special holidays. We invite all quilting enthusiasts to participate in this Patriotic journey.


We are excited for a summer filled with patriotic celebrations, starting in June with Memorial Day, then Flag Day on June 14th,followed by Independence Day on July 4th, and ending with Labor Day. Embrace your patriotic spirit this summer and get creative!


Participate byjoining our 'Quilting Your Legacy Monthly Challenge' Facebook group. Post 'I'm In' and share updates, photos, or stories about your patriotic-themed projects throughout the month. It's not just a challenge; it's a supportive community of fellow quilters who are ready to inspire and be inspired.




Let's unite in kindness and support, channeling our creativity into quilts thatnot only tell stories but also celebrate our shared heritage.This is more than just a challenge, it's achance to craft a legacy that reflects your unique style andspirit, while preserving our collective history. Your quilts are a canvas for your creativity and a testament to your quilting journey.


Get ready to ride this wave of creativity and camaraderie.Join us nowand let your quilting journey begin!The anticipation is building, and we can't wait to see what you create.


**June's Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge: Solid Projects**

To participate, we ask that you share your journey with us.Begin by capturing a photo ofyourchosen fabric/patternthat you plan to transform. Your project should prominently feature Red, Whiteand Blue Color fabrics, making up at least 95% of the design.We're excited to see your progress, so please share updates fromthe start, middle, and endof your project.

**🎉Next Steps to Dive In:**

- **Days 1-10:**Head over to our Facebook Group and announce "I'm In" tosignal your participation in this month's challenge.

- **Days 2-30:** Share a photo or a description of your initial idea(s) for what you'll be creating.

- **Day 31 (or before):** Post a final photo of your completed project, adhering to the challenge guidelines.

**Kickstarting Your Quilting Journey:**

Visit our Facebook page (Click Here) and declare, "I'm in!"Feel free to share a photo of your pattern selection, fabric choices, or simply express your excitement through text.

We can't wait to see you on the **Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge** page on Facebook.

✨Now is the time to set your intentions. Embrace the entire process from beginning to end. Let's support and inspire one another as we embark on this quilting adventure together!

What masterpiece will you create for someone special in your life?

**Happy Quilting Your Legacy!**

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