1/2-yard Bundle - Unconditional Love - Meadow || Besties - Tula Pink - Free Spirit Fabrics

This item is sold as a 1/2-yard Bundle of each of the 22-fabrics in the collection, including the metallic fabrics.  

((If you need to know the yardage for a particular fabric, please send me an email with the details of the fabric and the required yardage.))
At its core, Besties is a tribute to unconditional love. It represents both the love we give to the beautiful creatures that depend on us and the unmeasurable love and comfort they give us in return. 

🥰Quote by Tula Pink. The cheerful modern fabrics are named Besties from Free Spirit Fabrics.  

Manufactured by Free Spirit Fabrics from Tula Pink. 100% cotton fabric. While supplies last.

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