Studio E

Studioe Fabrics was started in 2008, as an enterprise of Fabric Editions, Inc. The idea was to bring a fresh and new approach in textile designs to independent quilt shops worldwide. In 2010, Fabric Editions was purchased by the Jaftex Corporation and along with the acquisition came Studioe Fabrics.

As of October 2012, Studioe Fabrics experienced a rebirth, under the hands of Scott Fortunoff, who is the fourth generation of the family owned Jaftex Corporation. Along with this new website, Studioe Fabrics has a new lead designer, Megan Downer, and a stable of talented designers and licensors that contribute to the success of the lines. Megan's resume is extensive and impressive. Just take a look at the lines and you will see what we mean.

In the Summer of 2014, Jaftex, the parent company of Studioe, purchased The Blank Quilting Corporation. In September of 2014, the decision was made to move all the Studioe sales to the exclusive sales reps attained from the purchase of The Blank Quilting Corporation. As such, Studioe now has nearly 40 sales reps throughout the US that are ready to serve you. Their contact information and territories are listed under the "Where To Buy" portion of the site under "sales reps."