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12 Fat Quarter Quilt Challenge - Sew with ME (Emily) Live on Facebook!

Gather 12 Fat Quarters, and let's Quilt your Legacy! 


📣 Let's make a quilt for yourself to snuggle up with on the couch or make for one of your favorite people. When thinking about your favorite people, is there someone that pops into your mind that you've been meaning to make a quilt for but haven't yet?


This is going to be fun sewing with you! 🥰


⒈ After the first step of figuring your who you're going to make a quilt for next,

go to your stash or favorite independent quilt shop and gather 12 Fat Quarters you love.

⒊ Then, sign up with your best email address to receive the complete details. 



This series is broken down into short steps LIVE on Facebook - You'll need to watch all 3 to complete the quilt.

3 Series (free) Facebook Live Events:

  1. November 15, 9 am
  2. November 17, 9 am
  3. November 22, 9 am


🎥 The live events will be hosted on theQuilting your Legacy™ Monthly Challenge Club Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/QuiltingyourLegacyMonthlyChallenge


👆Did you already sign up with your email but need to purchase the quilt pattern to join us live to sew? Here's the Egg Rolls Quilt Pattern! 👈✴️



Here's the deal,

 I will challenge you to sew projects as gifts this winter season for your favorite people in your life. Every one of your favorites should receive something you made with love, kindness, and warmth. 

Why? Because what will matter is the time, effort, and love you placed into the quilted project. 

When you gift a homemade quilt or table topper, you release happy chemicals called dopamine and serotonin.  


🤗 Quilting has many benefits. Stress relief is one of the first answers from many quilters'. Socialization was also mentioned often, along with a sense of accomplishment.


🙌 Quilting is an excellent way to increase your confidence as you gain more with every completed quilt. Consider how you feel when the recipient (or everyone who looks at your quilt) offers compliments and praise: Yup, another confidence builder. 


🛒🛍Want inspiration on fabric choices? Go to nortonhousequilting.com/collections/12-fat-quarters


🙋‍♀️Did you already sign up with your email but need to purchase the quilt pattern to join us live to sew? Here's the Egg Rolls Quilt Pattern! 👈✴️


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