Virtual LIVE Sewing with Emily

Quilting your Legacy™ Starts with you,

And together, we will leave a long-lasting Legacy of sewn projects. 


Join me and other like-minded incredible, kind, and caring quilters to sew 3-Table Toppers Together for you to enjoy or gift to your favorite people. 




As I'm sure you already know, sewing is essential. 


It's a stress reliever because it causes cheerful dopamine levels to increase, promoting self-esteem. 🤩


🎉 It also could improve social life and skills. Last but not least, sewing has the same benefits as concentration Meditation. 🎉


Yes! That is why stitching is so fundamental and why we need to teach our friends and family around us. 💪



🧐 What is Quilting your Legacy?

Quilting your Legacy is lifelong learning, advancing knowledge, and strengthening our communities with sewn intentional projects. 🧵❣️


At the heart of Quilting your Legacy, it's a compass to inspire sewists from all walks of life to sew more.


🥰 At Norton House Quilting while Together Quilting your Legacy, sewing with Emily is a safe space for sewists to come together to sew and learn from each other while sewing while intentionally sewing a project together.


Each Workshop and Class is hosted on Zoom.



That means you can learn how to sew from home comfortably.


📣 The classes are designed for:

  • Beginners who haven't sewn in a while
  • Novice people who want to hone their skills
  • Learners who enjoy sewing with like-minded sewists



💪 Plus, I'll be live to answer your questions and walk you through how to do the particular project step by step. 


It's an interactive experience because we can chat the entire time. You can ask questions, watch how I perform techniques, and I'll give you feedback as I guide you along the way.


😄 The live experience includes showing you how to use sewing tools and demonstrating techniques from multiple camera perspectives to provide an experience as close as possible to being in person.


Don't delay. Sign up now.


Let's DO THIS! Quilting your Legacy Starts now.