March Madness Table Topper Challenge - Fabric Kit + Pattern + Sew Time & BONUSES!

Yay! 🥳 You’re probably here because of the Facebook Live sewing, and I’m so excited to sew with you in March at 1 pm eastern time. 


🥰🧵The first four people who purchase will receive a bonus gift to say thank you! 

The Challenge: Who could you make this Table Topper for and gift on Easter or who's birthday is coming up?

(You’ll receive the fabric kit, Patterns, Sewing Guide Checklist, BONUS Quilting Goodies + Extra Fabric too! and Zoom link to sew with (me!) Emily)




❤️ Together Quilting your Legacy. ❤️ 

Blockade Pattern
In the Middle
Shoofly Shuffle
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