Multi Here We Glow Large Blocks Glow in the Dark Fabric 24in Panel - 9544G-93 - Here We Glow Again - Henry Glass Fabrics - Halloween Fabrics

This NEW glow-in-the-dark fabric has to be the coolest fabric I've seen in a while. It's a kid and adult-friendly Halloween collection called Here We Glow Again, designed by Delphine Cubitt.

The white you see on the fabrics will glow with delight in the dark after light hits the fabric.


The collection features cats, ghosts, pumpkins, Frankenstein, bats, witches, and two different panels.

The palette is in bright oranges, blacks, purples, and greens with accents of white to glow in the dark.

By Henry Glass Fabrics. 100% cotton, 42-44" wide

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