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Sewing Ticket to Quilting with Emily

Exciting news! 🎉 Join Emily and a group of friendly quilters in the "Quilting your Legacy" Monday Table Topper Classes.

Use fabrics from your Fabric Stash and let's sew together a table topper for you to enjoy or gift to one of your favorite people. 

Classes will be held on Zoom:

 Sunday, 9/3 -  Flower Market at 6pm Eastern 
Monday, 9/4 - Stick with Love - 6pm Eastern 
Monday, 9/11 - Because I love you - 6pm Eastern
Monday, 9/18 - Pumpkin Hallow - 6 pm Eastern

Monday, 9/26 - Flower Market at 6pm Eastern 


*Buy 2 Class Tickets Get One FREE - no coupon code needed - automatically free upon checkout* 

Let's create a beautiful using fabrics from your stash. I (Emily) will guide you through each step, so there is no need to worry about sewing the fabrics together.

These projects are perfect for beginners or experienced quilters because it's a great way to come together and sew as a kind and caring group while also having something to gift to yourself or your loved ones.

📆 Calendar for September. 

By purchasing a ticket for $27, you can attend any of the Monday Table Topper Classes. Come and join us! *get your tickets now*

This is the perfect opportunity if you're searching for a creative and enjoyable way to spend your time.

The Challenge: Who could you make a Table Topper for that's been requesting something made by you or what organization could use a Table Topper as a local fundraiser?

After your purchase to one or all of the Class Tickets (within an hour or two) you’ll receive:

  • The Sewing Guide Checklist - Gather your Fabrics from your stash easily
  • The Zoom link to sew with (me!) Emily)
  • The recording after class if you can't make it or want to re-sew the project.    

*Buy 2 Class Tickets Get One FREE - no coupon code needed - automatically free upon checkout* 

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