Quilters Trek - "All Roads Lead to Home" - Two Different Color Ways to Choose

 Quilters Trek 2021

In Southern Vermont, there is a saying, "you can't get there from here," but you actually can. 

You might need to go down an old dirt road that sheep once made. It might appear to look like a trail, but it's a road. You might question if you made the right turn but keep going and follow your compass and it will lead to home, or you might end up meeting a moose or bigfoot. 

Either way, trust your inner guidance because it will show you home. 

TWO DIFFERENT fabric color choices both featuring bright and cheerful Southern Vermont-themed fabrics. Blue or Red - you must choose one or two with the deal below. 


We have two different color choices, Blue or Red. If you love both you can purchase them together for $39.99. 

Use Coupon code at checkout: BLUEANDRED       (for $9.99 off) 


Pattern designed for you by Emily Susan Hammer, owner of Norton House Quilting located in Wilmington, VT and pattern turned into English by Beckie

Which Colorway?

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