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Hi Legacy Quilting Friend!

The Wilmington Quilt & Craft Show was terrific, and that's because of you!

Thank you for your support and your kindness online and in the little historic town of Wilmington, VT.

If you weren't able to join us this year, check out the photos on the facebook page. (There's a facebook link at the bottom of this email.)

BUT BEFORE YOU ZOOM down to the bottom of this email, super fast...

We have a few different fabric collections that have entered into the shop! 

I get so excited when big boxes arrive at the shop! Naturally, I meet with the salespeople, and I buy what I feel will sell best, but it's still months before the fabric comes in. I tend to forget and get then POOF it's like Christmas morning.

*Spacewalk fabric collection
* Wildlife flannel with animals that live in New England
* All our Stars kids or baby fabrics with a super cute fabric panel

I know I’m leaving you in suspense again but one more item that is noteworthy:

We had a minor issue at the Quilt & Craft Show. One of the people who help set up the Quilt Show asked if there "even needs to be a Quilt Show. Long story short, I created a short video with a public reply back on the Norton House Quilting page. If you have a moment, it might be an interesting video to watch. Filming the video was not easy to do, but I'm glad I did it. My confidence grew, and mine and Beckie's determination grew by leaps and bounds! Click here to see the Facebook page with the video, and when you scroll down a moment more, you'll then see the beautiful and inspiring Quilts from last weekend's Quilt & Craft Show. 

Click on the blue link to be directed to our Norton House Quilting Facebook page to view the heart-felt video. https://www.facebook.com/168419186549004/posts/2709132899144274?sfns=mo



^^ Click the orange to view all the NEWEST fabrics and more! ^^

One Final Thought...

I'm leaving New England tomorrow to fly out to Houston, TX, for Quilt Market.

Beckie will be holding down the fort while I'm gone. Perhaps give her a phone call to ensure she isn't too lonely without me, haha! Or better yet, stop in to see her.  

Happy Sewing!



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