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53 Random Things About Emily

  1. Learned how to quilt from my Grandma
  2. Made my first quilt at age 10
  3. I have twin boys who are 9
  4. Favorite flowers are pansies
  5. George Washington is my hero
  6. Born in Massachusetts
  7. Went to North Dokata to kiss a buffalo
  8. Tom Brady smiled at me during Duck Parade 
  9. Flown over the pond to Germany 4 times and Italy once
  10. Allergic to peanuts
  11. Lover of chocolate
  12. Own two Bernina sewing machines 
  13. Went to NYC for a street hotdog
  14. Favorite color is blue
  15. Easter is my favorite holiday
  16. I’m working at my dream job
  17. Childhood favorite TV show, “Alf” and “Full House”
  18. Grew up in Maine
  19. Every school holiday spent in Vermont at the shops
  20. Fired from my Grandma twice
  21. I love reading 
  22. Smelling the Atlantic ocean air is my favorite
  23. Becoming a mom was the best thing I’ve never done and the scariest
  24. I never take off my Grandma’s engagement and wedding ring 
  25. Breakfast is my favorite meal
  26. I don’t like biscuits and gravy
  27. Hand-sewing is relaxing for me
  28. Have a love/hate relationship with the seam ripper
  29. Brock Holt is my favorite Red Sox’s player
  30. I talk to my high school friends weekly
  31. Mom & I saw; Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees in concert 
  32. Horrible at gardening
  33. I plan family trips around fabric stores
  34. Grandma and I use to talk about Downton Abbey characters as if we knew them personally 
  35. Beckie and I order out lunch every Saturday
  36. Ladybugs are magical to me
  37. I still read magazines
  38. Seeing Colton cry when Gronk announced his retirement made me cry too
  39. I wear size 11 in shoes
  40. Cardinals represent to me my Grandma’s saying, “hello”
  41. Waking up at 5:30ish is a great feeling while smelling coffee
  42. Two raw sugars and splash of half and half is how I take my coffee
  43. I live in New Hampshire
  44. I could eat avocados with every meal
  45. Pizza is my go-to meal when I don’t want to cook
  46. I have a hedgehog named Hayden
  47. My cat's name is Lou – he is iconic in our neighborhood
  48. Summer nights you’ll find the boys and me at the neighborhood pool
  49. Jackie Chan is my favorite actor
  50. I don’t like to swim
  51. I’ve flown in a Blackhawk and KC 135 (tanker plane) a few times
  52. It hurts my heart when people disrespect other people
  53. I’m thankful and understand how blessed I am

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Kay Leighty
Kay Leighty

March 17, 2023

You are a delight. I am excited to receive my first order!!!!

MAryann CAvanaugh
MAryann CAvanaugh

August 26, 2020

I loved ready all about you. Wish I could meet you!

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