February 26, 2018 1 min read

All American Made Solid Fabrics are not only made here, but it's grown here in America too!

The fabric is 100% cotton, grown, spun, woven, and dyed in America. How amazing is that?!


American Made Brand began in 2013. Their passion and commitment are to bring back the American textile production. Their cotton is only sourced in the United States. The cloth comes from all over the cotton belt which stretches from the Carolina’s to the Mississippi Delta, Texas, and California. The farmers maintain high growing standards that minimize runoff and pesticide and fertilizer use.


The spinning and dying are performed in North Carolina, the weaving and dying are done in South Carolina, and then the fabrics will go onto the bolt in Seattle, Washington. Because of the length of the process of fabric they're we are helping to keep hundreds of jobs in the USA.

Celebrating a Farm to Fabric Challenge; 100% American Grown Cotton, 100% American Spun Yarn, 100% American Woven cloth, 100% American Dyed Fabric. Perfect for quilting, apparel, and home décor accents.


Keep doing what you do American Made Solids!


We will continue to support the cause and all that you do! 


Happy Quilting!

Go Team USA!!

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