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I'm so excited that you're excited!!

I've received brilliant questions in regards to the Mystery Block of the Month with Chocolates, and I'm going to answer all the questions with true humorous Emily style.


Will you show us a sneak of the different colors and prints for the different quilt blocks?

What? But then that defeats the purpose of a mystery quilt, however, yes. If you would like a tiny sneak peek, I'll show in-store or email you a photo of the colors. If I had to choose one word to describe the colors, it would be "springtime."


Who should join?

The sew-in is for someone who feels comfortable with a sewing machine and someone who can use a rotary cutter with a cutting mat. (I wasn't allowed to touch the rotary cutter until I had my drivers permit, so the person must be over the age of 16). The different blocks are a skill builder. However, I feel that real enjoyment will come from the awesome people who choose to form a cluster and sew together or sew at home but then show their blocks to the entries group.


Should I bring my sewing machine?

If you want to, go for it! Or if you're going to rent one of our machines for $10 a day, then you could do that too. You choose what works best for you. Beckie and I will both be at the Norton House, and we can help carry your machine in or anything else, say the words.


What are you doing for the different monthly blocks?

It's a mystery, but you can count on different blocks monthly for 13 months (or if the group allows it, we could double the months to get the quilt done faster). I (Emily) will host a two-hour workshop to cut out and sew the different blocks together.


Who will be teaching the workshop?

I (Emily) will be. In the reign of Emily and Beckie, this is our first time hosting a block of the month, so we're learning as we go along. Each month, Emily will have a block finished and a block to be sewn together in class to make sure everyone is on the same page.



Right at Norton House Quilting. We can host six quilters comfortably.

Where will you get the chocolates?

From my Grandpa, of course! Before class, I'll sneak over to the 1836 Country Store and grab an assortment monthly for us to try. If you have nut allergies or don't like something, no worries at all, I've got your back and will help your taste buds enjoy the afternoon away.

Why are you doing this?

I love sewing just like you! Sometimes it can feel lonely stitching, but when sewing with other like-minded people, it can be fun and rewarding.


Can I buy all the blocks kits now?
No, you must wait for the first Saturday of the month for the newest kit.


What date do we need to sign up by?

You should sign up sooner rather than later because it starts after the 1st Saturday Club, which is January 4th. It's okay if you can't meet on January 4th because I'll snail mail you the fabric kit for a flat fee of $10. I will have packages available as long as we have the fabrics.

How do we sign up?

Come into the shop or call us over the phone. We're open 10 am to 5 pm daily, except closed on bad weather days. Check our Facebook page or call the shop if you're unsure if we're open or not.

How much does it cost?

On the first Saturday of the month, the pattern with fabric is $8.00 at Norton House Quilting, but after the class, it is $10. For a flat rate and I'd be happy to snail mail it to you for the flat rate of $10.00. 1The setting blocks and border final kit price is $15.00, which is a specter price the monthly blocks.

Re-cap of Mystery Block of the month with Chocolates

Come into the shop on the 1st Saturday of the month from 1 pm - 3 pm. The monthly mystery block of the month with chocolates is excellent for any level of sewer. It's a keen way for someone who wants to come in and sew with other like-minded people and you might pick up or hone some new sewing skills.

Bring your sewing machine, and let's sit and sew together!

Emily will have the month's block done for a sneak peek to what it will look like
Kits will be available.

The monthly fee will be $8.00, which includes pattern, sew time with Emily, and Chocolates!

If you can't make the sew-in for any reason, no worries, Emily or Beckie will be happy to snail mail it to you for a flat fee of $10.00 or pick up in store for $10.00 Monthly.


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Rebecca Janes
Rebecca Janes

January 05, 2020

If I were to have these mailed every month do the instructions come with each block? Is there a way those of us who live to far away could see your monthly sewing of the blocks?

Crystal L Bull
Crystal L Bull

January 05, 2020

I would love to join your mystery block kit. Could I please be put on your snail mail list.


January 05, 2020

Hi, I would love to do your mystery block. I live in Germany. Would you mail it to me and how much would posting cost?
Thank you

Kathy Bove
Kathy Bove

January 01, 2020

I would love tho join the block of the month, but I love too far away. Could I please go on your list for snail mail?

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