February 02, 2020 2 min read

It's exciting when people ask about UFO (Un-Finished Projects) because it seems Legacy Quilter's are either on the team,

"I must finish the project no matter what" or "If it doesn't feel right, I set it aside to maybe one day." 


I'm on the team, if a sewing project doesn't spark joy, then I'm less willing to complete the project.

I typically place it down with high expectations to go back to it, but I don't stress if I don't. 


If, on the other hand, it's a sample for the shop Norton House Quilting, then it's a high priory and typically stays in its own category of, it must be finished no matter what.

I would call this the gray area.

One of the top main goals for Norton House Quilting is to inspire Legacy Quilter's such as yourself and Beckie, and I (Emily) take pride in all projects for the shop.

Perhaps you have a maker reselling business, and the business projects should be in its gray-area category because you must make the products to sell.

So, for this experience, it's excluding maker businesses and focusing on personal projects. 



Going back to UFO projects, there's a fun yes or no survey to try to know if you should continue with a UFO project or not. 


Before you start the survey, dig out as many UFO projects you have.


One-by-one taking the survey while looking at the UFO project, ask yourself the six UFO Questions before going forward with the project. 


As an example, before I wrote this article, I was starring at three different UFO projects unknown what to do with them. 


I asked myself questions like,

What was it that stopped me from completing the project?Was it the fabric or the pattern?

Did I feel too behind in work or needing extra time to spend with family, so I don't feel I have the time? 


Sometimes a project doesn't work out.

Try not to feel guilty about abandoning it.

If it helps, donate the fabric or turn it into something else.

Or swap or give it away to someone. 


Then ask yourself what you learned from it and move on.

We don't have time to wallow in guilt.


Try using this Quiz I created to honestly know if you should finish the UFO Project or beam it away.

Click HERE for the Quiz 


POST your findings and UFO projects to be enter to win a monthly drawing of $50. Norton House Quilting Bucks on the Facebook Group Page  —>Click here! 

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