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I was reading an interesting article about colonial women who quilted in the newly formed world of America. The ladies would take blankets that had become worn-down with tiny, and they would patch them or combined them with other blankets, or used as filler between other blankets. Keep in mind, in the early days their quilts were not carefully constructed heirlooms. Instead, they were functional items for the sole purpose of keeping loved-ones warm.

In later years, when fabrics were manufactured in America, it made fabric affordable. Women then began to make their yarns and fabrics, which then took on a more artistic type of quilting and then become more widespread across America and beyond.

Ready to be even more inspired by the incredible history of how quilting has taken shape from the newly formed America?

The Big Book of Civil War Quilts

The colorful historical illustrations (58 patterns) are beautiful and inspiring. The book is bursting with 240 pages, and it is full of fascinating historical information. Also, the materials needed to make the many different quilts with clear instructions. The patterns are easy to follow and excellent diagrams. Plus the pages feel good when you turn them.

American Heroes Quilts

This book has 400 color and authentic to the period black and white images of our American Heros from past and present. Including but not limited to; George Washington, Dolley Madison, Lewis and Clark, and so many more international people. The historian Don Beld quoted the sources when possible. This book is a must for quilters, quilt historians, and anyone who loves American history.

T-Shirt Memories and more

Ready to make a memory quilt for yourself or a loved one? This book has everything you need to know how to design and stitch the ultimate T-Shirt Quilt because it shows you how to prepare and use articles of clothing and it features explicit photos to create your unique quilt. This book is not limited to just making quilts though, and you could always create; pillows, wall hanging and so much more!

Get ready for your must-read summer read!

The Rose Quilt ~Mystery Book Novel

The Rose Quilt Book

My summer read! I haven't read this book yet, but oh man, I can't wait! This is what the back of the books says... "It is the 1920s, in the world of quilting circles. A wealthy woman and prominent local quilter are murdered with a pair of quilting shears during the preparation for a flower show, leaving a dying clue on the lap quilt she and the executive committee are making as the first prize. Unfortunately, the clue could point to anyone on the committee or any of her three adopted children. Steve Walsh is called to investigate, helped and hindered at every turn by the late quilter's flapper daughter and by the scrappy reporter Julie Boroni. Will Steve catch the murderer? Will he remain a bachelor or will he finally settle down (and with whom)? A classic murder mystery with a quilty twist, this historical fiction novel is sure to grab every quilter's imagination and make them long for a bygone era." - I doubt this book will be able to be placed down after starting - Amazing right??

The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt

This book has been around for a bit. However, it features real-life letters from The Farmer's Wife magazine, and it commemorates the strength and hope of the farm women of the Great Depression. The 99-block queen-size sampler quilt inspired by these letters uses reproduction 1930s fabrics. For each block, instructions are provided with template piecing, and where applicable rotary cutting so that readers can piece the blocks based on their preferred technique. It also comes with a CD and has online guidance for blocks that we're miss written.


As I reflect on our pioneer quilters and memorialize our fallen soldiers from the Revolutionary war to our most current war, I wanted to take a moment to say thank all of you who have served and are currently serving in our military.

Also, thank you to all of you who have sons or daughters, husbands or wives, brothers or sisters or other loved ones for their sacrifice and the sacrifices you have made to support them. I owe you all for my rights and freedoms. Thank you.

What is your favorite historical quilt or quilt block? Do you have a favorite book too? Leave your comments below.

Let's create something memorable today!

-Emily & Beckie


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