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I began designing patterns when Row by Row Experience started which was in 2011? (I probably should google that.) I whole-heartedly enjoy the designing process and pushing myself. I enjoy having the challenge to create something with guidelines in place.

The creativity to audition different color fabrics to see which works best and to choose different fabric patterns that can be sewed back to together again.

When it comes to writing the pattern, that's where it gets challenging. I'm incredibly thankful for Beckie's help because I feel like I'll write out the pattern and then she turns it into English because I assume as I'm writing everyone know what I'm talking about when in reality it's all gibberish.

The inspiration behind our Shop Hop project, dedicated to Grandma.

The table runner is named, "Sailing with Grandma".

My dot fabric is navy blue. I choose red, white and blue for summertime Patriotic colors. I love America and celebrating the 4th of July. It’s a table runner but with the blocks, it could be turned into a quilt top.

I used a machine to see the blocks but then finished with hand-sewing for the finished product. I’ve always wanted to hand sew a quilt and if Martha Washington can sew by hand, so I can I. (Although I said that to a lady and she replied, “yes but if Martha had a sewing machine she probably would have used it.”)

My grandma loved sailing with her brother in Plymouth, MA and she grew up sailing in Trumbull, CT before college.


I can't wait to see you during VT Shop Hop! 



More on the theme in a moment, first the Vermont Shop Hop is an annual event that happens in March. It's a two-week adventure traveling around in Vermont's nooks and crannies via car. 

You could carpool or travel alone going your speed. Each shop suggests eating spots close to there shop, and some shops even have snacks and goodies. (At the Norton House will be providing different soups, cheese and crackers from my Grandpa's 1836 Country Store and of course fudge too to stay energized. Also, water.)

What to expect:

* To participate, purchase a passport for $7, plus tax, at any of the 15 participating shops. The first 1,000 Hoppers who buy a passport will receive a 1/2 yard cut of fabric (except 108") of their choice! You can choose any collection of fabric you wish. 

Hoppers must have their passport booklets stamped at all 15 participating shops during the Shop Hop to be eligible to win the Grand prize, the 2nd prize, and 3rd prizes.

Participants with at least seven stamps on their passport are entered in drawings that begin with the 4th prize. 

The back cover of the passport booklet has to be turned in at one of the shops before 3pm on Sunday, March 31th to be eligible for the prize drawings.

Enjoy the unique look and inventory of each store and discover new patterns, ideas, fabrics, books, and other gifts. Collect a free project pattern and enter a door prize drawing at each shop. Some shops even gift away free stuff with purchases! With a purchase we will be gifting away a Fat Quarter with magnetic clips and who knows what else. 

Each shop offers a coupon that is valid during the Shop Hop, and some shops extend the coupon weeks after the Shop Hop. The total value of the coupons can far exceed the cost of the passport.

What does, "Going Dottie for the Summer" mean? Well, it's the shop owners way to have fun and to unite the participating shops together to form a challenge. As we get close to March check back to the website because you'll see what each shop has created for their free giveaway pattern. They will range in; table toppers, quilts and even bags or more. I have a funny feeling they will also be posted on the official Vermont Shop Hop Facebook page too! Have you liked the page?Do so now to see,


Come into the Norton House to buy your $7. passport and grab your FREE 1/2 yard fabric of your choice!! Also, keep in mind the coupon in the passport is worth its weight in gold as they say. 

Keep in touch about the event by "liking" the Facebook page,

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