How to customize, Wear, and Make Masks from Mary Brady of MasquerAID Deerfield Valley, Vermont

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MasquerAID Fabric Mask Making is requesting your help! 

A group of sewers has formed together to make 100% cotton masks for people in need in the Deerfield Valley. They're requesting more sewers using a 10-minute pattern they've found best to crank out the masks for our community members. Could you help them sew?

If yes, what do you need? I'll do my best to help direct and fill everyone's needs to help support this vital cause.

Pick-up and drop-off will be available at the Norton House on the picket fences. We will have kits available, but they're not ready at this moment.

However, in the meantime, let me know what you need, and from the other volunteers, I'm sure we can get the required item to you or be picked-up.

When you drop-off a sewn mask, take a photo and send it to Emily to receive a $1.00 voucher to use at the Norton House and a $1.00 voucher to use at the 1836 Country Store (when both officially re-opened to the general public.)

Let's be kind to one another as we trek through uncharted territories.


Word Doc. from Mary Brady:

How to customize your mask to fit your face:  

1. Put it on – snug up the wire at the top to fit your nose.
2. Pull down the bottom to cover your chin.
3. Check for gaps – tighten or loosen the straps as needed.
4. Sew or pin a dart in the bottom or sides, if needed, being careful not to make any holes in the front of the mask.


How to wear your mask:

5. Always wear the print side out, the solid side in.
6. Hand wash, as often as practical and line dry.


How to make more masks:

8. Contact us for advice or materials you lack: and
9. Recruit family & friends – kids & non-sewers can cut out 9x9 squares!

Good luck and good health to all – MasquerAID Deerfield Valley, Vermont


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