How to Fussy Cut

August 14, 2023 1 min read

How to Fussy Cut:

How to Fussy Cut a Fabric

1. To fussy cut, center a specific portion of a fabric print within the square and add a 1/4" seam allowance around all sides of the fabric image.

Some quilters (like my grandma) would make a window template to help them visualize and target where to cut.

However, I’m too impatient and dive right in using my rotary cutter once I’m satisfied with what the square will look like before sewing.

* Cut a template the unfinished size of the shape from card stock or another rigid material. *

Mark 1/4" inward from the outer line and cut out to reveal the window. A craft knife is helpful.

* Position the template on the fabric. Once it's positioned correctly, use a non-permanent pencil or marker to draw lines along the window's inside edges— the finished portion of the patch.

* Draw around the outer perimeter, too. Cut on the outer line.

* Grandma’s notes: Two window templates are visible in the photo. Each template has an open inner area (the window) that is used to target the print. The outer area of each template is 1/4" from the inner window's shape and represents the seam allowance.

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