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When wanting to be energized for my next needlework project, I gravitate towards anything designed by Kathy Schmitz Studio. You know when you find a brand that simple “gets you”? Well, Kathy Schmitz Studio, Jack Dempsey, and Aimee Ray Designs do that for me.

However, this blog post is about Kathy Schmitz Studio. Her projects are in inspired by nature, and her traceable embroidery patterns are Schmitz's hand-drawn artwork. All of her patterns and books are reader-friendly with clear step-by-step instructions. Plus, as a bonus, she adds the helpful diagram of embroidery stitches.

When I look at Schmitz's collections I get a vintage vide, but with a modern and current look. Her embroidery designs and approach designing results in professional-looking and timeless keepsakes or all to enjoy. I highly recommended for either novice or experienced needlework stitchers looking for something unique and special.

I subscribed to her newsletter many moons ago, and this was her mini-bio when Kathy Schmitz was growing up, her mom always made sure that she and her sisters had an abundance of creative craft supplies at their fingertips. In adulthood, after many trials and errors, and jobs at banks and the like, Kathy says she is lucky enough to be what she always dreamed of being as a little girl, a designer. Kathy has designed fabric for Moda since 2002 and has had her own pattern company since 2007. You can find her online at KathySchmitz.com.


Here come the fun part and the featured patterns!

Each of the Forest Park Friends is iron transfer pattern, so no tracing is required with paper pattern purchase. Each friend is 8" tall and stuffed to squeezable perfection with batting. This soft toy will be a comfort and treasure to a lucky little person. Stitched with beautiful Valdani 12wt Perle cotton, however, I’m a massive fan of DMC floss from France, in fact, I only use DMC. All 10 of the Forest Park Friends were stitched using these 12 colors – but you can choose which colors you wish.

A quick write up about each animal, Lucy loves flowers, gardening, and all of her Forest Park Friends -Bert the bear, Chester & Ruth the rabbits, Henry & Hazel the dogs, Cecil and Gracie the cats, Lucy and Bert the bears, and Pearl and Oscar, the sheep.

•Fabric needed per pattern - 14" x 16"

•Fabric needed for all 10 - 1 7/8 yard 

Each pattern is slightly different in circumference. The average is 26" + a couple of inches for overlap.

Click here to see the whole family - www.nortonhousequilting.com/collections/kathy-schmitz-studio

Ready for a tutorial on how-to? Go to her YouTube channel or click on the video to begin to play the video. 



Click here to see the complete collection! www.nortonhousequilting.com/collections/kathy-schmitz-studio

Are you finishing up a needlework project?

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August 19, 2022

I’ve just found your site and would be interest in purchasing a Kathy Smitz Forest Friend pattern, are they available?
With thanks

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