January's Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge

January 01, 2022 4 min read 4 Comments

😁 WOW!  I know I'm hanging out in this group when I'm not feeling motivated to sew! 


Talk about an inspirational, kind-hearted, and supportive group of like-minded quilters. 


You've joined this group because of three reasons:

  1. You love to quilt 
  2. You're curious about Quilting your Legacy 
  3. You want to win the $30 credit to Norton House Quilting 


🎉Thank you for joining!! We're almost at 600 quilters! It's insane! Thank you!



The Monthly Challenge was created to do the following:  

  1. Use up your fabric stash
  2. Utilize your personal to time relax and sew
  3. Unique opportunity to ask any quilting questions


🔷 Are you wondering if there's a faster way to bind a quilt? Ask the group!

🔷 Wondering which colors go better together? Ask the group! 


There will be a minor change in the 2022 Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge. 


👉 For your monthly themed project to be valid, we must insist we see a before photo. 


I believe it's already written in the rules, but I'm going to be very strict on seeing at least two or more photos on one project. 


😊 When the challenge is announced on the first of the month, gather your thoughts on what you will create. It's the perfect opportunity to view your stash, look through your patterns or even browse Pinterest or the internet for a fun project to construct. 


😊 Then, once you're set on the fabric, pattern and other goodies needed, take a photo and post on the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge group page. 


📣 We need to see the before photos for two reasons: we want to cheer you on, and, second, we want to see inspiration. 


If you're like me, perhaps you might forget to take it before you start sewing, and that's okay, but when you remember, take a photo of your fabric, pattern, and newly sewn together project.  


As we advance, I'll be cautious about seeing before and after photos. 


♦️The "after photos" or finished projects are the best part not only because that's what completes your entry into the $30 drawing to Norton House Quilting. But also, (again) WOW, it's incredible what everyone has been creating! 


🙋‍♀️Please continue to share finished projects within the month's theme that you didn't sew during the month. They won't count for the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge. However, we could all use extra inspiration and look at beautifully sewn projects. Am I right? 


Cheers to 2022!!  

Are you ready for the first Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge?? 


January's Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge is U.F.O Projects


Please don't panic. The challenge isn't to create space-themed projects.


Do you have projects that you haven't gotten around to finishing? If yes, then this is the perfect challenge for you! 



U.F.O stands for Un-Finished Objects. 


The best part about U.F.O is that it is not limited too, quilts you started but haven't finished, half-sewn table toppers, hand-stitching Christmas projects from many years ago, and so on are all contenders for the month's challenge. 


Head to your sewing room, search for at least three (three because that's the number of projects you can enter into the challenge) sewn projects. These are sewing projects that have been started but not finished. It's okay if you haven't worked on it in months, or dare I say, a year or so. 


👉Take this short Yes or No survey with five questions to see if you should complete the project or blast it away. (my only space joke, 🤣.) 


♦️The answer might surprise you. So it would be best if YOU answered a hard yes or no question - no, maybe's allowed. 


Hold or look at the fabric:

  1. Does this project inspire me? Does it spark joy? 
  2. Am I willing to put in the time and energy required to get it done by the end of the month? 
  3. Am I willing to forego starting something new until I finish this particular project?
  4. Will I be unhappy or frustrated while I work on it? Will I have the mentality of just trying to "get it done?"
  5. Does it make sense to work on this? (For example, if it is a baby quilt, but said baby has just graduated from elementary school, is it still appropriate for that recipient? Or is there someone you have in mind who will love it or who can use it if I complete it?


🤩 What do you think? Yes or no? If it's a no, move on to the next. 


The second part will be what you will need to complete the project? 


🚨 Do you need: 

  • Fabric? If yes, then what colors would be ideal
  • Thread? 
  • Find the pattern? 


📣 Let's come together and stitch up and finish projects that are taking up space and then gift them to our favorite people or cherish and use the quilted project. 


I can feel 2022 will be the best year yet!! Cheers to you, Legacy Quilter! It's time we celebrate. 🎉


What to do next:

Day 1-10 Declare of the Facebook Group, "I'm In," if you're going to participate in the monthly challenge.

Day 2-30 Take a photo of your tentative idea (or ideas) of what you're going to create.

Day 31 (or sooner) - Show off what you created within the guidelines by posting a photo.

The process is everything. Let's see and be a part of your quilting adventure!

Happy Quilting your Legacy!

Go to Facebookto share your starting photos. 

Go to Facebook to declare you're "in," then take a photo or write text with your intentions, then let's encourage and support each other on our monthly challenge. Let's goooooo!

Set your intentions now. Let's GOOOOOOOOO 🥰

4 Responses

Kay Leighty
Kay Leighty

January 13, 2022

I am excited. This is what I need.

Janice Greenleaf
Janice Greenleaf

January 02, 2022

I’m in. I’ll pick one of my several UFOs to finish!!

Florencej Sterling
Florencej Sterling

January 01, 2022

I am in. I have four ufo I need to finish

Carol Ann Young
Carol Ann Young

January 01, 2022

I’m VERY excited to be part of the adventure. Thank you for starting the year with unfinished projects. Now to narrow it down to three🥴What a great place to start sewing.

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