Jingle through the Holidays has STARTED!

Posted by Emily Hammer on

Jingle through the Holidays has STARTED!

When you order online or shop in-store and spend over $10. you will then receive an envelope to open on Christmas Day for a discount on something and a gift from us starting on January 1st!

Here's what to expect for each transaction over $10. in-store or online, you'll receive a mystery envelope with a percent off coupon and something for free in the shop starting in January.

You will receive one free gift in the sealed mystery envelope and one discount off something in the shop.
It's our way to give back to your continued support and kindness.

The Fine Print:

  • Free gifts and discounts range in all different products and amounts.
  • An unlimited amount of envelopes will be rewarded.
  • When you purchase online, over $10, you will receive an envelope; however, it will need to be combined with a purchased product to receive the free gift. Yes, you can use the discount coupon to receive the free gift. :))
  • Range in discounts starts at 15%, 20%, 35%, and even 50%!
  • Free gifts range in threads, fat quarters, notions, and beyond.
  • You may only receive one sealed envelope at a time per each different transaction.
  • You may not combine envelopes to stack the coupons.


Happy Holidays!    Let's celebrate!!


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