New Villa Rosa Patterns (🎥with YouTube Video)

June 14, 2023 2 min read




Quilting your Legacy Starts Now:

I’m loving their choice in the combo of yellows, blues, and greens - in fact, I’ve got the perfect fabric in mind if you love those colors too. Quilt Kit will be on the website soon. 



Quilting your Legacy Starts Now:

All you need is 10 Fat Quarters! These quilts are great because they can be made quickly and without too much mental effort. It's nice to have a project that allows you to enjoy the process of quilting without too much stress. 

Although they may look like Half-square triangles, they are not. That's good news for us! 


The process involves making blocks and using the flip-stitch technique.

 Quilting your Legacy Starts Now!

Here's a delightful and lively quilt that you can make using 10 Fat Quarters. 

It's a fantastic way to showcase one of the 12-Fat Quarter Bundle Collections available in the shop. 

To make things easier for you, we've included a link to the 12-Fat Quarter Bundles in the show description.


Quilting your Legacy Starts Now!

Select 12 Fat Quarters of your choice to create a stunning quilt that showcases your favorite fabrics. Consider making a quilt for someone special by incorporating fabrics in their favorite colors or season or choosing fabrics that remind you of them during a particular season. The possibilities are endless with this quilt!



Quilting your Legacy Starts Now!

One word, Bali watercolor fabrics! Well, okay, that’s three words.  



Quilting your Legacy Starts Now!

I am absolutely in love with this table topper! The design features five sizable strawberry blocks, each made from beautiful solid fabrics in shades of pink, red, and raspberry color fabrics.


Thank you for watching! Out of the six different patterns, which do you want to make first? Quilt or Table Topper? 



👩‍🦰 My name is Emily, and if you're a quilter, you belong here! 


💕Together we're going to create lasting Quilts and Table Toppers for you to enjoy along with your favorite people. 

💕Your Legacy deserves to live on, and it will through your homemade quilted projects with love. 


Because gifting sewn projects to your favorite people is legendary.


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