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Let's have some fun! So, a few months ago, I brought in this friendly Ombre Halloween Fabric, and I stared at it, wondering what to make with it. Finally, I came up with the idea of cutting the material on the fold and adding a bat block for a Table Topper. And next, I'm going to take the orange Ombre Halloween Fabric and make pumpkins to make a Table Topper again. I'm so excited! 


I wondered if you would accept a bonus quilting Quilting your Legacy Challenge using the Ombre Halloween Fabric. 



Here are the complete details: 


  • The winner will win 6 attractive 100% cotton fall-themed fat quarters.
  • You chose either the orange or grey Ombre Halloween Fabric option. (yes, you can choose to double the winning prize.) 
  • No purchase is necessary (but how convenient that I'm ready to cut your choice in fabric, and I have two different fabric choices in stock.) 
  • The Ombre Halloween Fabric must show in 80% of the project. We must see the effect of going light to dark or dark to light.
  • Any style, pattern, or size will be honored. 
  • We'll vote as a community for the winner.


  • You must submit your entry no later than 10/30 (after you've completed your project, please post it within the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge Facebook Group or Norton House Quilting Facebook page. That way, we can absorb inspiration and motivation. 


  • Voting will start on 10/31 and will continue for 48 hours in one post on the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge Facebook Group.



Will you be expecting the Ombre Quilting Challenge - Bonus Fabric Challenge?


Question? Comment below. Just want a yard of one of each of the fabrics? Please email me for $6 shipping coupon now. 

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Beth Heckman
Beth Heckman

September 11, 2022

I accept the bounus ombre challenge!

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