OPPS I forgot to say this at the Quilting your Legacy Presentation!

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OPPS don't you hate it when you meant to say something, but you forgot?

My little buddies and I went to Westminster, VT, Sunday, January 26th, to do a presentation on "Quilting your Legacy" for the Twin States Modern Quilt Guild.

If you asked me what I said, I have no idea, haha! But hopefully, I inspired the ladies to reflect on what type of quilting legacy do they want to leave behind.

I was nervous about being in front of ladies that I admire but yet thankful that I had there kindness and support. I could feel the love in the room. Not to mention, I had my two little buddies, Colton and Landon, with me, and that took a lot of pressure away. It was awesome having them, plus they made me giggle every time they went back to the snack table. I think I have more photos of the snack table then pictures of myself standing in front of the legacy quilters.

Colton and Landon helped me with holding up quilts, and Colton took some exciting photos and videos.

However, one thing I meant to share but didn't share was a letter that I wrote to my Grandma. I shared it with our email newsletter people but not publicly yet.

Without further ado, I wanted to share the three things I've learned from my Grandma and publically thanking her for teaching me three major life pillars.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for entrusting me with your legacy and devotion Norton House Quilting. It has been an honor and a humbling journey. I never knew why some nights you came home defeated, but other nights joyful and the feeling as if you touched the moon. I've learned very quickly retail isn't for the faint of heart.

I feel your presence around me, and I thank you for showing me signs that I'm on the right path. I would never purposely disappoint you.

Following in your footpath has taught me three major life pillars.

1) Quilting your legacy is a way of life and a mindset. People who create with needle and thread are magical because they gift a piece of their heart in everything they sew. It's not always because they want too but because spending time on a project or with people is love, which makes it the same. What we spend our time on reflects what's important to us.

2) Don't take tomfoolery from anyone. Many people will come and go through the doors, but it's how you handle yourself what counts most. Some people are grumpy, and it has nothing to do with you. However, they're going to try and make you feel as if the world is ending, and it's your fault. Don't ever allow it. You control your thoughts and feelings. No one can make you feel less than but you. When an unfortunate situation happens, call them a" dumb bunny" in your head and move to a legacy project.

3) Always keep moving. It's up to you to fight for what you believe in and push forward. Don't give up because of a minor mixup. You can't expect people to understand why you get up every day to fight the good fight. When you mess up, do better the next moment. When you sew the wrong piece, rip out the seam. Always keep moving because gravity isn't always on your side. Stand up for what you believe to be fair and valid.

** To see more Pictures from Colton, go to our Facebook or instagram page. He took tons of photos of the snack table.** 




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