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Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge is Projects only made with 2 1/2" strips!


It's bonkers. I was going through my sewing room the other day and realized, WOW, I have many 2 1/2" strip rolls that I have no idea what to make while using them up. 


Please tell me I'm not the only one, correct? 😳


Quilting with strips is simple because they're cut and ready to be sewn together. All you need to do is cut the length, and boom, you have your project cut out and ready to sew back together again. 



🤪 Let's get a little crazy and search through our stash and explore our patterns to search for ONLY things requesting 2 1/2" strips - borders (unless 2 1/2" in length - every piece of fabric must be 2 1/2" in size or length of the strip.) 




All size sewn projects will be included in the challenge, such as; 

Table runners or toppers, couch quilts, bed size quilts, wall hanging, placemats, and more, to name a few. 




Here are my projects ideas with pattern ideas:


  • Tiffany (quilt) from Villa Rosa Patterns  
  • Jelly-Roll Rug from RJ Designs
  • Bloom (table runner) from Villa Rosa Patterns 
  • Cupcake Party (table runner) from Villa Rosa Patterns
  • Panama City (quilt) from Villa Rosa Patterns
  • NEW Book 
  • SEW-Happy (free) PDF download designed by your fabric Emily who works at Norton House Quilting 🙋‍♀️🤣





After going to your stash patterns? What 2 1/2" strips jump out at you? 


🧐If you're unsure if it's a 2 1/2" strip pattern, post it on the group page, and let's review it together. 



Here are some 2 1/2" Strips for inspiration too!


The fine print: 

September's Projects with 2 1/2" Strips - Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge


You must show your progress. Start with taking a photo of the fabric/ pattern with what you're going to create. 


1/2 points if you've started a project and are inspired or re-motivated to finish. But again, we must see where you're at this moment, then at the end of the month the second photo of your finished project.


Let's see the progress! Start, middle, and end of the project.



What to do next: 

 Day 1-10 Declare of the Facebook Group, "I'm In" if you're going to participate month's challenge. 


Day 2-30 Take a photo or write text with your tentative idea (or ideas) of what you're going to create.


Day 31 (or sooner) - Show off what you created within the guidelines by posting a photo.


The process is everything this month. Let's see and be a part of your quilting adventure! 



Happy Quilting your Legacy!  



Go to Facebook and state, "I'm in!". Perhaps add a photo of the pattern, fabrics are chosen, or just text is fine too. 


Set your intentions now. 


❤️ What will you create for one or more of your favorite people using 2 1/2" strips? 



Let's encourage and support each other on our monthly sewing challenge. See you on the Facebook Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge page.


(DO you have a quilting friend how would enjoy the challenge? Text or call a quilting friend now to join for free before the doors CLOSE, and they will not reopen until October 1st.)🥰 

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Karole Darnell
Karole Darnell

September 06, 2021

I’m a new member. Can I use my own pattern, I.e. log cabin?

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