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I love the theme Christmas in July because it helps to set the tone and guides me on what quilted projects I should focus on making for my favorite people.

Last year I finished a quilt for Nathan and my mom for her birthday, which was in November. And this year, I think I'm going to make myself a couch quilt with bright and fun colors, and who knows, maybe quilts for the boys, which I haven't done since they were babies, or I might donate a quilt or two to the Monadnock Crisis & Prevention Center to help as a fundraiser. 

👉When thinking about making a Quilt or Table Topper for others, it's a joyous feeling because when you make something using fabric with their favorite season or colors. Plus, with a pattern that inspires you, the accomplished rewarding sense of when it's completed and ready to gift is an incredible feeling like no other. 


SO! Take the 3 Quiz on How to Determine what Quilted Project you Should Make for Someone Special. 


How to determine what project you should make for someone in 3-Steps:


1️⃣. Reflecting on the people in your life, who is someone you cherish and admire, plus you haven't made a Quilt or Table Topper? (Use the first person you thought) 

😆 While still thinking of that first-person, what is their favorite season (spring, autumn, winter, summer?) 

Also, keep thinking of them, what colors first pop into your mind that they wear, love, and talk about the most? 


2️⃣. Knowing how much time and energy you have to work on the project within July and what type of project you will make for them; Table Topper, Couch Quilt, Bed Quilt, or perhaps a fabric bowl or Wall hanging? 


😁Again, time and energy are everything. We (yes, this is turning into us of you and me) want to ensure you complete the project to gift to your people during the winter holidays. 


((In the upcoming days, we'll reevaluate what type of patterns are quick and easy while rewarding simultaneously, but in the meantime, what do you feel you can commit to and complete?))



3️⃣.  Envisioning the joy and gratitude that it will offer your favorite person to whom you'll be gifting the quilting project is a feeling like no other. 


Once it's gifted to your favorite person, it's then out of your hands, but before you do, add a quilt label to the back of the quilt with their name, your name, the date, and perhaps a sweet little note with how important they are to you. I typically use a piece of muslin and utilize a permanent fabric pen to write on the fabric, so it cements my handwriting. 



♥️SO! There you have it. By answering those three questions, you should know exactly who you'll be making a quilt for during our Quilting your Legacy Christmas in July Quilting Challenge. 


Care to share who it will be (you don't have to say the name), along with that type of quilted project you're going to make, with the colors or season? 

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July 04, 2022

I’m very excited to be apart of the July challenge. Sew very 😊

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