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I miss my partner in crime, the lady who sided with me through thick and thin and then would bop me on the head when I was wrong while calling me a "dumb bunny." My Grandma, Sue Wurzberger was strong-willed but yet gentle at the same time. She had the best dry humor, and I relish when people say I speak like her.

A month or so ago I had a lady came into the shop asking for the "older lady." To no fault of hers I replied with, 'you're looking at her because I'm a tad older then Beckie...'. The women would not take the hint, and she continued to ask a few more times and described the women she was hoping to see at the shop. And then the moment hit me when I could no longer keep joking. I could feel the ugly tears coming... and then they poured out of me uncontrollably.

While ugly crying I said my Grandma had passed on. The lady was beyond comforting and continuously apologized that she hadn't heard the news. It utterly caught me off guard because it had been many moons since someone had asked for my Grandma.

That story leads me to the last time I cried at the Norton House, which was last Sunday.

A different lady came in and said, 'I've had this magazine since 1987, and I was going through my sewing room and came across it, and in an article about the Norton House it mentions you, "Emily Susan."

I was in disbelief, and she opened the magazine right to the article, and sure enough, it says, "The most recent addition to this enterprising family is granddaughter Emily Susan, who often rides in a backpack learning the retail business a day at a time. ..."

How cool is that?! Plus, she allowed me to keep the magazine (photo seen below) and, the best part is that in the article there is a photo of a quilt that is currently on my Grandma's bed. I took a few moments staring at the magazine because the same day the lady brought in the magazine that morning before breakfast, I went into my Grandma's bedroom racking my brain and feeling frustrated that I still didn't know where that quilt had come from and why was it made. And it turns the same quilt in the magazine article is the SAME quilt that is on my Grandmother's bed. So, it turns out that my Grandma had made it for a block of the month, quilt block sampler for the Norton House.
Talk about a sign from heaven.

In Honor of my Grandma, her Quilt Block Sampler Quilt will be hung at the upcoming Quilt and Craft Show in Wilmington, which is in Honor of her.

We welcome all quilts from loved-ones or quilts you made to the show. You can drop off your quilt or quilts any time at the Norton House between 9-5pm daily or Memorial Hall Thursday, October 11th.

The Quilt & Craft Show will be held at Historic Memorial Hall in downtown Wilmington, VT

  • General admission is by donation for all patrons 
  • It is a 2-day event, October 13th and 14th of 2018
  • The show will be open to the general public Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

All donations will be going to LKG a local organization which stands for Loose Knit Group. During the academic year, they provide food for the Deerfield Valley kids on the weekends and when the schools cannot. They began the Food 4 Kids program to give the kids filled bags with non-perishable foods for eligible children each Friday. If you can help the organization with their cause, contact Barbara directly, hydeaway@sovernet.net or email her if you have questions about the program.

Quilts of Valor will be featured at the show. Quilts of Valor, an organization dedicated to making quilts for all American soldiers and veterans who have been touched by war. The Deerfield Valley Chapter is newly formed, and Tammie will be featured at the quilt show accepting donations and signing people up to join the local chapter. The group started working together in April. The group is working hard to be able to present each local veteran with a quilt.

Quilts information:

  • All size quilts and wall hangings, including needlework, expected
  • There is no fee to enter your quilts
  • You may submit as many quilts as you would like (we’ll do our best to display them)
  • There is no judging of Quilts
  • With every quilt, you submit there MUST be an “In Honor of Quilt” form (contact Emily to either mail you copies or sent via email in a PDF – Emily@NortonHouseQuilting.com )
  • Parking, you can either park in the Norton House Quilting parking lot and walk a short distance to the show, or you can park behind Memorial Hall – both places for free
  • Drop off – you can drop your quilts off at the Norton House during business hours, or we encourage you to bring them during the set-up time on Friday from 4pm-6pm
  • Pick up – pick up your quilts promptly at 4 pm after the show ends, or we’ll bring them back to the Norton House, but you must let us know 


In Remembrance of my Grandmother Suzanne Alice Wells Wurzberger, I vow to do what is needed to ensure the Quilt & Crafts Show success and prosperity going forward. If you have questions, I welcome you to contact me.

Lastly, thank you for being a part of the show! With our community efforts, we can not only raise money for an incredible local organization, but we’ll also share one space full of honorable quilts and inspiration. We appreciate you and your time to make this event happen.

Happy Quilting, Making, & Crafting,
Emily Susan Hammer & Beckie Black

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