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For your viewing pleasure, here's the second ugliest quilt I’ve ever made. 

What was I thinking or better question why was I rushing?

First, this I believe. I believe all creative projects are beautiful in their own unique brilliant way. Every single project from a sewist holds a story, from the process of choosing colors, to the decision making of what pattern to use and to the feelings and emotions while working on the project. Also, sometimes while I look at past projects, I remember what Audiobook, Music, Podcasts or TV show I listened to while sewing. A quilt or project is never just a "quilt" or "project"; there's always a layer of the process behind the project.

With my belief of sewing stated, onto the story behind the second ugliest quilt I’ve ever made and how I got there.

Let's talk about the colors first. My first reaction was, "Eek! The colors blend together. Oh gosh!" This thought came to me about halfway through. I had already had cut out the pieces and turned them into blocks. In hindsight what I should have is, taken a quick moment and laid the blocks in rows to create a mock quilt on the table or floor (if at home). Because if I had, I could have then corrected at least a few of the blocks by doing it two different ways:

  1. I could have ripped the seams and taken out one or two colors that blend together way too much in all of the blocks and then introduced light colored tone-on-tone or light colored solids into the blocks to truly recreate new blocks, and no one would have known.
  2. Take a few blocks (but not all of the blocks like the above idea), rip out the seams, add in one or two light colored tone-on-tone fabrics or add in bright color solids to the blocks. But then the downside is that the pattern would change; however, I would sprinkle in the new blocks and take out the blocks that I strongly disliked to do my best to keep what the written pattern says to have the blocks placed.

How did I choose the fabrics, well, I was inspired by a collection called, "Birds and Blooms." The designer is Jocelyn Proust for Clothworks. The material features vibrant color designs with colors of pink, green, purple, black, and white. I loved the whole line and bought the whole line for the shop, BUT, sadly I made the mistake of not adding in a white or light color into the quilt.

If I had to describe the quilt, I would say its a cookie dough with double chocolate cookies mixed into homemade vanilla ice cream. But what can I say? Colors inspire us differently.

With a different pattern, I'm sure it would have helped too.

I choose to use an Atkinson Designs classic pattern from the year 2000 named, "Yellow Brick Road". It's fat quarter friendly and striped piece so it goes together quickly.

In conclusion, it’s humbling realizing how someone could fall in love with a pattern and choose the fabrics that they feel will be beyond perfect, but then begin to sew and realize the colorway is way too matchy matchy and that’s exactly what happened to this quilt. However, it's a good reminder, and I wanted to share my journey with you and the lesson learned.

I feel strongly that it’s that in perfections stitches or cutting outs of the fabric is what makes equals beautiful because of time and time again it always.

Also on a positive note, it was fun and relaxing so mine as well enjoys it. Who knows someone may fall in love with it and want to make it up too, who am I to judge.

Oh, wait, what’s the first ugly’s quilt? Well, that’s a story for another time. Off to my next project!

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March 23, 2021

ugliest thing the world why


March 05, 2019

I remember coming in when you had first started it and you were so excited. Sorry it didn’t come out as you hoped. Move on to the next thing.


March 03, 2019

I absolutely love your ugliest quilt! The colors are perfect! And I can’t wait to come and visit the shop! I live in upstate Ny and haven’t been able to visit in year Six! Hoping to come meet you and see what you have done with the shop! I was sharing with a friend some quilting ideas and found 2 kits you gramma sold me, took me back…. What a wonderful day that was! See you before the end of the year!

Mary Schwartz
Mary Schwartz

February 28, 2019

I have been quite busy sewing from my stash since we have been having very cold, snowy weather. I had a stash of 2 1/2" plaid flannel strips from a shirt factory. I paired them into a half square triangeles with a coordinating solid. It made a 62″ × 70″ cozy flannel quilt. I made two, One was blue/red and the other green/brown. Now to get them quilted. Happy sewing everyone.

Penny Dalton
Penny Dalton

February 27, 2019

yes, this is a little busy and dark, I wouldn’t classify it as ugly. These are not my colors, but this is a great quilt for a dorm room (if the size is right.). If it is small, then I’m sure a little girl that likes purples would love it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve been quilting since 1960, and I have found homes for all my “ugly” quilts. Remember, the difference between beautiful and ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

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