The Complete Details for the 15th Annual Vermont Shop Hop

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Everything you should know; the theme, dates, each shop's challenge, prizes to win, who is the artist behind the exclusive Vermont Shop Hop fabric panel, and SO MUCH MORE!



Unsure what a Shop Hop is?

A Shop Hop is an opportunity where you purchase a passport and travel (or hop) to the other participating fabric shops. In each of those shops, you'll see tons of inspiration, fascinating things to buy and could win many unique items all themed around sewing. 



Vermont Shop Hop is an annual event that happens at the end of March and goes on for ten days. Within those ten days, you go to different fabric shops to get your passport stamped. 



This year is like no other because we not only do we have an exclusive shop hop fabric only found at each of the participating shops, but the 100% cotton fabric is digitally printed from Hoffman fabrics. 


The 2020 theme is "Taking Flight - Celebrating 15 years of Vermont Shop Hopping". 


Playing on the word, "flight," you'll notice on the Shop Hop panel are photographs of different birds and butterflies. 


Dates: Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 29, 2020. 

Each shop will be open from 9 am - 6 pm every day, except on the last 

Sunday, March 29, the shop hop will end promptly at 3 pm. 

To participate, purchase a passport for $7, plus tax, at any of the 13 participating shops. (Click on the blue link to see all the participating shops.) After you've purchased a passport, you then be able to choose ANY half yard of fabric of your choice!! ( Retailing up to $15.00 per yard.) It's a bonus that must be selected at the time of purchase of a passport.




The challenge:

Each shop must use the exclusive fabric panel in their project, along with a solid fabric and 15 of something (ex. 15 blocks, 15 fabrics or 15 different quilt blocks, 15 buttons, and so on) in the project.


From the challenge, collect a free project pattern and enter to win a door prize or prizes (we'll have multiple door prizes at Norton House Quilting) at each shop.


Not only door prizes at the individual shops, but ALSO HUGE prizes to win from the jackpot of many excellent vendors! See all the gifts by going to the Vermont Shop Hop website. 



Without further ado! Here is the official Vermont Shop Hop Fabric Panel!




We are so fortunate that Nicki Steel Photography agreed to allow us to feature her photography.


Photos courtesy of Nicki Steel Photography.



Here is a list of the 13 participating Quilt Shops


The fine print: 

Hoppers must have their passport booklets stamped at all 13 participating shops during the Shop Hop to be eligible to win the Grand prize, the 2nd prize, and 3rd prizes.

Participants with at least eight stamps on their passport are entered in drawings that begin with the 4th prize. 

Lastly, the back cover of the passport booklet must be turned in to any one of the shops before 3 pm on Sunday, March 29, to be eligible for the prize drawings. No exceptions.


Enjoy the unique look and inventory of each store and discover new patterns, ideas, fabrics, books, 


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