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June 10, 2022 3 min read


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🥰The new Villa Rosa Patterns arrived!

Let's talk about them!🥰

There are six new patterns - 5 Quilts and 1 Table Topper.

Fun fact, there is a great variety of patterns in this round. Cats, HST swirls, long strips with a wave, two brilliant, scrappy quilt patterns using 4" -6" rectangles and the other using 2 1/2" strips. Plus, last but definitely not least, a cake table topper.

Here we go! Pattern #1!


Cat City - 42" x 56"

You make cat blocks! How fun! Now, if the pattern size is too small, that's okay because you can just make more cat blocks.

You could use any fabrics you wish. Make it scrappy or use cat-like colors, browns, tans, and calico colors.



You'll need:

5-Fat Quarters
5/8-yard for the bottom row of the cats
7/8-yard for the background fabric
1-yard for the border
1/2-yard for binding

To make the cats, you're using strips of fabric and then sew a flip-stitch (flip-stitches are my favorite!). This is going to be fun to make up!

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵

 Whirlpool - 54" x 66"

Half-Square Triangle Lovers Unite!

This quilt is literally made from HST.

You'll need:
1/4" of 9 dark fabrics
1/4" of 9 light fabrics
5/8-yard for binding

After making the HST you'll follow the pattern to spin it into the swirling motion.

They do have an option to make the quilt a tad longer. I love how they choose yellow and black fabrics. Beautiful.

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵


Taffy - 40" x 40"

Ohhh this pattern is going to go to be fun! This pattern would be adorable for a baby quilt. It's like the light or intro to bargello quilts.

You'll need:
20 - 2 1/2" strips
3/8-yard for binding

After you cut the strips of fabric, you'll want to label each of the strips to ensure you have the correct placement.

Get out the sticky notes or those pins with numbers on the ends (I don't have those fancy pins, but they seem amazing and handy.)

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵


Pilaf - 54" x 70"

This is brilliant if you have light and dark fabrics, or why not use up some of your like-color scraps!

You'll need:

A total of 16 Fat Quarters - 8 lights and 8 dark fabrics


You'll be making 4-different blocks while pairing a light and dark fabric to the different blocks. They're small blocks of fabric, ranging from 6" x 5" to 2" x 5".

I love love the idea of using scrap fabrics for this!

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵

Hey Day - 60" x 80"

Strip sewing at its finest!

You'll need:
40 - 2 1/2" strips
1 7/8-yard cut of background fabric




The pattern uses 2 1/2" strips. The little 5-squares are sewn in stripes and then cut into rows. You don't need to sew little 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares together. Talk about quick and easy.

You really could go into any colorway with this quilt—purples and teals or browns to greens.

If you want this pattern to be larger, not a problem because you can just add more blocks.

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵

Cake Day - 14" x 50"

Oh yes! A Table Topper! The love of my life! But seriously, how amazing to gift to someone on their birthday.



You'll need:

4 - different 2 1/2" strips
1/8-yard cut for the cake plate
2/3-yard cut of the background

👉Show me this pattern up close🥰🧵

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📣If you haven't heard this today, then I want you to know you're loved and talented, and your quilted projects are needed in this world—cheers to you. 🥰

Keep going, friend… Your time to shine is now. Cheers to Quilting your Legacy!

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