Threading your needle tips and thoughts

Threading needles can be a nuisance. It doesn't matter what your age is or how your eyesight is, everyone at some point in their quilting or crafting journey has had a moment of frustration while threading their needle.

I felt the need to write this post because over the weekend at the shop we had a private machine quilting class. Our client was having an issue with threading her sewing machine needle so I shared a few tips that work for me and I found a video on threading your needle on YouTube for you to view. 


How to thread your needle tips:

1: Cut the thread with wicked sharp scissors at a forty-five-degree angle. The thicker the thread is, the more you will see the angled thread, however, even if you can't see the end of the thread, it will still make it fluent to guide the thread through the eye of the needle.


2: Use a white piece of paper behind the needle to see better without background color distractions.


3: Try using tweezers while your thread your needle.


You should check out this video (link below), tip 2 is really cool and I'm going to try to thread my paper piecing project this way as soon as I can. I've never seen anyone loop thread into the eye before. If you have a moment, you could check out the video. 


Those are my best tips. I welcome yours! Add your tips and suggestions to our Facebook page by clicking on this wording. :)

Happy quilting and crafting!

-Emily and Beckie

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