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Welcome to the New Year of 2021, Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge! 

Before I announce the challenge, here's a recap of what the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge entails. 

What is the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge?

Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge is a free Facebook Group full of sewists who enjoy fabric sewing challenges. 

Each month's challenge brings a new opportunity to use up your fabric stash, purchase the perfect pattern, or be inspired by a brilliant fabric quilt kit to match the monthly theme's challenge. 

The projects could be but are not limited to; quilts, wall hangings, or table toppers (to name a few ideas). 

You choose the style, size, and type of project. 

Plus, here's the best part!
You could win $30. Gift Certificate to your favorite Southern Vermont Fabric Shop, Norton House Quilting! 


January's Theme: Fabric Panels. 


What is a Fabric Panel?
Fabric panels range from approximately 24" to 36" wide and 42" high. 

Why do people use panels?
I've heard people call panels a, "cheater" quilt.  However, let's reword "cheater" into a wicked smart quilt because you can easily layer a panel with a few pieced blocks or boarder, then add batting and backing, plus, do some machine quilting, and voila– a quilt!

Panels are typically colorful, detailed images and are ready to be made into anything that inspires you. 

I LOVE fabric panels!

Here are more possibilities:

• Front door panel quilt (show off the different seasons with another quilted panel quilt to hang behind a glass front door.) 
• Wallhanging 
• Oven potholders
• Couch quilts 
• Baby quilts or baby mat quilt
• Placemats
• Table runners
• Aprons
• Fabric to embroidery on to enhance the colors or add color thread too 

Okay, so, here's the real question, what will you make with fabric panels?

Best of Luck! Here are more details on how to enter and win the $30—gift Certificates. 

The Complete Details on how to win the $30. gift certificate each month. 

First, if you haven't already, request to be in the Facebook Group by searching within Facebook, "Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge." 

After the month's challenge has been announced, everyone will have until the 10th of the month to publicly state they've accepted the challenge. 

On the Facebook Group page, everyone must show a photo of the fabrics, patterns or describe their tentative ideas on Facebook Group.

The winner will be announced within the first few days of the new month and follow the month's newest challenge announced. 

All participants will automatically enter into a drawing based on their entries using hashtag #QuiltingyourLegacy and posting on the Facebook Group. 

You may enter up to three projects to raise your odds. 
No size requirements. Everyone must complete the project within the time frame.

• No purchase is necessary at Norton House Quilting.

* You can start or stop at any point.

* You must complete the theme guidelines 100% of the month's challenge to enter the drawing.

The goal is to have fun. 

• Try new sewing techniques or things you've always wanted to do but haven't yet. 
• Triumphantly there are no "quilting police" within the group.
• Tangibly let your creativity shine through your projects. 

"My favorite part about the monthly challenge is the ability to sew with like-minded people from all over the nation and to complete a project that perhaps I usually wouldn't try." Quoted by someone brilliant. 

Quilting your Legacy is a mindset and a way of life. I challenge you, and as I'm challenging myself to think outside of the box when it comes to all stitching projects. I hope you'll join me on the adventure!

Step 1) Go to Facebook and type on the group page that you're "in" and accept January's Monthly Challenge of using Fabric Panels. 

Step 2) Post photos of your sewing thoughts. 

Step 3) As you complete the monthly theme, post them onto Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag, #QuiltingyourLegacy, @NortonHouseQuilting

Step 4) Post a photo of your completed project into the Facebook Group by the last day of the month. 

After you post the photo into the Facebook Group, you will be automatically entered into the $30. Gift Certificate drawing.  

The winner will be announced publicly, and when you win, you will notify you via an email message from either Facebook or Instagram from Norton House Quilting.

I look forward to seeing what you create for the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge! 

Cheers to you, Legacy Quilter! It's time we celebrate. 

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Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson

January 05, 2021

When I saw this challenge I dug into my project basket and found at least 10 panels (various sizes)! I had no trouble choosing the sewing machines. This is such a great idea. Question … project done 100% including the quilting? Thanks again🧵

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