January 12, 2019 2 min read

I HAD to share this very silly story with you...

The funniest situation happened a few days ago that involved grandpa's store, Snoozie's, my son Colton, and two ladies.

I brought the twins to work with me last weekend, and Colton was working at Grandpa's store the 1836 Country Store.

A lady asked Colton if they carry slippers, he replied, “go next door to my mom’s shop because they have slippers in there with rubber grips and you can put them into the washer.“ (I kid you not, word for word that’s what the lady said to me that Colton remarked.)

That same lady walked into the Norton House asking for slippers and I happily showed her what I had in stock and gave her my spiel about how they have rubber grips for hardwood floors and how when they get dirty you can pop them into the wash, and they'll come back to life again, plus no sales tax. (If you’ve been to the shop I’m sure you’ve heard my same heartfelt spiel.)

She looked at me astonished and said, ‘was that you’re helpful son next-door because he gave me a similar speech.’

I equally astonished replied, “Colton sent you here for slippers? They sell slippers next-door.”

With a Snoozie sock in her hand, she laughed out loud saying, “he didn’t say no, nor did he say yes, simply told her slippers were next-door.”

I laugh too!

While I'm shaking my head, I think, ' little stinker, gosh I love him.'

The BEST and funniest thing that happened next was a lady walked around the corner overhearing our conversation, and I asked how the competition was going with Grandpa because a month or so ago I had written a newsletter about how I was determined to outsell slippers since my mom brought them in to match their pajama pants. 

The three of us enjoyed the moment and remarked on what a smart little salesman. It was incredible and reassuring parenting win.

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When you purchase at least two socks you'll receive $2.00 off! Plus FREE Shipping!

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One Final Thought...

I don't have slippers for men's, women's nor kid's online. If you have a color in mind, call us at the shop, and we'll take a photo and send it to you via email or text message. 

However, I do have online, men's Snoozie socks and women's Snoozie slippers online. 


Happy Quilting, Making, and Creating!
-Emily and Beckie
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