Are you Quilting your Legacy™?


Did you know? There are five different stages to successfully Quilting your Legacy™.

NOTE: Below you'll notice I’m using the word “sewiest” to refer to a quilter and you might wonder why…

👉 A sewist is a relatively new term which combines the words "sew" and "artist" to describe someone who creates sewn works of art, which can include clothing, table toppers, couch quilts or other items made with stitched elements.

Whether you identify as a quilter, seamstress, or sewist, you’re AWESOME and it’s time we celebrate you!

Based on the list below, determine what stage of Quilting your Legacy™ you most identify with right now. 


The 5 Stages to Quilting your Legacy

Stage One: “Starting Out Legacy Sewist”

  • Seeks to learn to sew
  • Cherishes collecting fabric for “someday”
  • Desires to learn but is unsure where to start
  • Acquired necessary sewing supplies including a sewing machine
  • Encouraging attitude to start the sewing adventure

Stage Two: “Savvy Legacy Sewist”

  • Love a good bargain but shops independently
  • Dabbles in sewing projects and has created a few projects
  • Enjoys the process of cutting fabric, using a pattern, and appreciates sewing supplies
  • Attempts new patterns and experiments with fabric colors

Stage Three: ”Social Legacy Sewist”

  • Improves sewing skills with skill-builder blocks
  • Completes sewing projects for the household such as table toppers or couch quilts
  • Commits to online communities, in-person groups, or sewing clubs
  • Explores independent quilt shops
  • Connects with fellow quilters who are helpful and knowledgeable
  • Enjoys traveling to quilt shows and events

Stage Four: ”Steady Legacy Sewist”

  • Determined to sew each family member a quilted project
  • Oodles of different sewing projects going on at once
  • Strategic road trips and travel agendas around fabric shops
  • Painstakingly spends hours planning the next project

Stage Five: ”Spectacular Sewist and Legacy Quilter”

  • Intentional about sewing projects
  • Working to ensure that every one of your favorite people has something quilted by you
  • Celebrates the mental exercise of math, planning, and designing
  • Teaching people around them to sew
  • Quilts projects for their community (i.e., pillowcases for their local hospital, participates in Quilts of Valor, and sews masks for others)


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