Flashy Fridays Quilters Show™

Flashy Fridays Quilters Show on Facebook

If you love quilting and sewing, you won't want to miss the Flashy Fridays Quilters Show™!

Every week, you can look forward to an exciting show full of never before seen Quilt & Table Topper fabric kits, vibrant colors, creative designs, and plenty of humor.

This show has everything from quilting and stitching to fabric selection and Quilt & Table Topper patterns.

Not only will you get to see some of the most beautiful Quilts and Table Topper for inspiration, but you'll also get to witness the passion and hard work that goes into curating every project.


So, why join me this Friday at noon eastern time on the Norton House Quilting Facebook page? 


The Flashy Fridays Quilters Show™ is a weekly show where you will see tons of heart, humor, and a heck of a lot of passion for all things stitching and sewing.




⏰ The show is held on our Facebook page, and it happens on Fridays a noon eastern time.

My mom says I look like a lady from QVC. 🤣

🥰🧵 How it Works:

1. Go to our Facebook page during the live stream, usually 12 pm – 1 pm EDT. 

When you're on the Facebook page, you should see a red "live" box and our video running.  Click on the video and join in the fun!


2. See something you love and got to have? Of course, you do!


Facebook in the comments you'll see a link to the Norton House Quilting website for all of the quilting goodies being featured that day.


3. Most important, have fun! There is tons of heart, humor, and a heck of a lot of fabric.

I look forward to seeing you this Friday at noon at our Norton House Quilting.  

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