Flashy Fridays Quilters Show™


Our Flashy Fridays Quilters Show™ is a weekly show where you will see tons of heart, humor, and a heck of a lot of passion for all things stitching and sewing.


⏰ The show is held on our Facebook page, and it happens on Friday's a noon eastern time.

We feature our famous Bundle Buddies (you can choose 1/2-yard or 1-yard bundles) at a great price.

📣 Here's what you can expect:

  • Our Famous Buddy Bundles 3-yard & 5-yard (and we allow 1/2-yards of the Buddy Bundles too) 
  • Every show we giveaway 5-Fat Quarters
  • Finish the Bolts
  • Little Bits (last chance pieces of fabric from the bolt)
  • Fabric Panels in all sizes 
  • Hottest & Newest Notions 
  • New & Sale Fabrics 
  • AND so more more! 

My mom says I look like a lady from QVC. 🤣

🥰🧵 How it Works:

1. Go to our Facebook page during the live stream, usually 12 pm – 1 pm EDT. 

When you're on the Facebook page, you should see a red "live" box and our video running.  Click on the video and join in the fun!


2. See something you love and got to have? Of course, you do!

Just comment with the code of the item you want.  If it's fabric on the bolt, add the yardage amount as well. 

(For example, if we have a bolt, it would be 12 -2yds or only type in the number for a single item). 


3. If you bought anything, DM (direct message) us on Facebook with your email address for invoicing (if you're new to purchasing).  


4. After the show, we go back and make sure we have all the comments right to start the invoicing. Comments during the live show don't necessarily appear in the correct order due to a lag in streaming so, we go back and check the timestamps on comments to make sure who got the items in the proper order to be fair.  

We also allow people to email or message us their orders after the live is over.

However, commenting while live is the best way to ensure you receive your desired goodies. (We honor the sale prices until midnight.) 


5. Invoices are usually sent out on Friday or Saturday morning, and once paid, you can expect your item/items to be shipped that day or the next day and received generally in 2-3 days after it is shipped via the USPS. We offer a flat rate shipping of $5. Anywhere within the 48 states (HI, AK, or Canada, please contact.)

6. Most important, have fun! There is tons of heart, humor, and a heck of a lot of fabric.

See you this Friday at noon at our Norton House Quilting.  

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Let's do this!