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Your quilting space and how you organize (or not organize it) is totally up to you because… well, it's your space!

However, when it comes to any of the organizational ideas you pick up from me or anyone else, I can't stress enough how important it is to:

  • Be honest about your needs and what you can maintain given your time and current life situation

  • Find a solution that looks like a suitable fit

  • Be willing to adjust or start from scratch if it isn't working

🙋‍♀️ Quilting your Legacy Thought: It's incredible how little shifts can make a big difference in your sewing room. 

📣So, are you ready to jump into it? (this will be FUN and a great way to start the New Year!)


Together, we’ll tackle the four main stations in your sewing space:

  1. Storage of fabric, notions, and patterns 

  2. Cutting station

  3. Sewing machine

  4. Pressing/ironing station 


Each day starting on Wednesday the 11th at 11am we will review each of these four stations one at a time to ensure zero overwhelm.

Then, I’ll provide concrete solutions to improve your quilting station right away. 


💕 Share photos of your progress with others in the Quilting your Legacy™ Monthly Challenge Club Facebook Group, so be sure to pop in now and request to join us if you haven’t yet. 

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Together, we’reQuilting your Legacy™!

-Emily 👩‍🦰🧵