Welcome to Quilting your Legacy™ Club

I'm so excited you're here because together, we're going to create a lasting Legacy of intentionally sewing projects for your favorite people.

Here's the deal, sewing is a solo-sport. However, a magical effect begins to take shape when you sew with like-minded sewists. 

Here's the plan when you join the Club:
• Two patterns monthly, one table topper pattern and quilt top pattern
• Terrific and clear step-by-step PDF directions for each pattern 
• Tons of humor and heart while sewing together
• Two recordings of the monthly sewing sessions (if you can't make it or want a review)

The founding membership price is $37. Monthly.

(Quick note, the price will only go up in time, lock in your special founding membership price today.)

Join us now because the cart is closing soon, and you'll be left out until we open the doors again. 

Want to know more? Here are the frequently asked questions:

Below is a mix of questions (in no particular order) about what to expect during the Quilting your Legacy™ Monthly Club.

Together we're about to:

• Carve out time to create beautiful a table-topper and a quilt monthly 
• Create the momentum to get the sewn projects completed
• Casually sew with like-minded people or sew with the recorded videos
• Catapult your sewn gifts to your favorite people

When are we sewing together? 

Two Sunday's a month. However, we might have to switch to a few Saturday due to family life. I will let you know ahead of our sewing date, promise.

What if I can't make the sewing date?
There will be a recording for your pleaser if you can't make it.

When will our monthly packages be shipped?
The packages will be mailed to you between the 1st-5th of every month. 

How much is shipping?
The shipping cost is included in your monthly membership fee. 

What patterns will we be sewing monthly? 
I'm not sure (that's where the fun part begins); however, each month will be a table topper and a quilt pattern. 

Will there be fabric kits?
Yes, I will showcase the patterns and fabrics chosen at the beginning of each month and before the 4th. You will then have time to decide if you would like me to ship you the material for either table topper or quilt fabric kit. It's only $5. To send the fabric kits to you (excluding HI and AK).

What should I have ready before each class?

• Important! All of your fabric pieces cut out for both of the monthly patterns

Before each class:
• Your iron should be close by and turned on, ready to press at any moment
• Be sure your bobbin is full of thread 
• Sewing machine dusted

We will not have time during the live sessions to review anyone's sewing machine.

How long will each class be?
Approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Will we be finishing the projects with batting, backing, and binding?
We will be sewing the topper only.

Just a recap on what is suggested before every Quilting your Legacy™ Club Sew-a-long:

1. Cut out all of your fabric pieces before the start date of the class
2. Make sure your sewing machine is clean and ready to go
3. Show up on the Zoom call ready to sew, or you could watch and joy the entertainment and then watch the recordings at a later time to sew.


Founding Membership Monthly Price is $37. (lowest price ever.) 

Or you can purchase the annual price, (with 1-month for FREE)  $407. 

Email Emily to be invoice through Payday for the Annual Price with 1-month free. 

Emily at Norton House Quilting . com


Signup ends on Sunday the 10th to keep the first group of Legacy Quilters small and intimate.