Quilting your Legacy™ Table Topper Club

Welcome to theQuilting your Legacy™ Table Topper Club!

I’m so excited you’re here because together, we’ll create a lasting legacy of intentionally sewn projects for your favorite people!

Here's the deal - sewing is often a solo sport. However, something magical happens when you sew with like-minded sewists. 



When you join the Table Topper Club, we will sew together on the first Sunday of the month at 8:45 am Eastern Time. (We may need to switch a few dates due to family life, but I will let you know ahead of our sewing date - I promise!) 

Each club meeting will be approximately 1 1/2 to 2-hours long and we will meet on Zoom..

If you can't make the sewing date, there will be a recording for your pleasure if you can't make it.


When you join, you will receive: 

  • Table topper pattern 
  • The fabric you need to complete the project
  • Terrific and clear step-by-step directions
  • Tons of humor and heart while sewing together
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, seek support, and connect with other Club members

Plus, we will record each Club meeting if you can't make it or want a review on making the table topper.


During our time together, we will:

  • Carve out time to create a beautiful table-topper and a quilt monthly 
  • Create the momentum to get the sewn projects completed
  • Casually sew with like-minded people or sew with the recorded videos
  • Catapult your sewn gifts to your favorite people


Frequently Asked Questions:

🧵 How much does it cost to join? $27 each month, plus shipping. (If you place an order on the website then there won’t be a shipping cost because I’ll add your Table Topper kit in with your order.)


🔷 Will there be fabric kits included?  Yes. The membership price includes the fabric, too. The material will range from seasonal and beyond if you don't care for the fabric, no worries, because it will give you a brilliant opportunity to donate the project to your favorite local nonprofit as a fundraiser. 


🧵 When will our monthly packages be shipped? Packages will be mailed to you between the 10th-15th of every month. 


🔷How much is shipping? The shipping cost is $7 unless you've purchased from our website, then we'll include it in with your package.


🧵 What patterns will we be sewing monthly? I'm not sure (that's where the fun part begins); however, each month will be a table topper. The patterns will be fun and the colors will match.


🔷 Will we be finishing the projects with batting, backing, and binding? No - we will be sewing the topper only.


🧵 What should I have ready before each meeting?

Before each meeting: 

  • Important! All of your fabric pieces cut out for both of the monthly patterns.
  • Your iron should be close by and turned on, ready to press at any moment 
  • Be sure your bobbin is full of thread 
  • Check to be sure your sewing machine dusted
NOTE: We will not have time during the live sessions to review anyone's sewing machine.


Sign up below, then you're all set to recieve the next Quilting your Legacy Monthly Table Topper Kit!

Let's do this!