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😃 Let's sew this together step-by-step (and yes, there's a recording available for you).

Because I Love You is designed by your truly (me!) Emily 


The Fabric Kit includes three fabrics: a pumpkin/gourd center block, forest green tonal triangles, and a cream/white background to highlight the other two fabrics.

For the center block fabric (black on the pattern), you will need a 3/8 yard. For the forest green triangles (red on the pattern) and cream background (white on the pattern), each piece will need 1/2-yard cuts of both. 


👉 Gather your Fabrics:

There is 1 Focus Fabric, 1 Thin Strip, & 36 Square Accent Fabrics

  1. Focus Fabric: 6 - 6 1/2” x 8 1/2”

  2. Tonal Accent Fabrics: 36 - 3 1/2” Squares

  3. Thin Strip: 6 - 1 1/2” x  6 1/2”


    💕Want to make life easy? Purchase the fabric kit by clicking here (if I have some left) 

    👉Click here for the printable PDF Sewing Guide. 

    🛍️ Purchase the Sewing Ticket, then you’ll receive the pattern and the Sewing Guide via email.





    About your instructor (self-proclaimed) Quilting Professor: 

    Sewing with me (Emily) offers a unique opportunity to boost your creativity and master a timeless skill. I provide comprehensive guidance and tips from years of experience and ensure a warm, friendly environment that encourages questions and exploration.

    By sewing together, you'll gain the confidence to create your own unique projects, understand the intricacies of various fabrics, and even troubleshoot common sewing challenges.

    It's not entirely about learning to sew; it's about crafting memories, building resilience, and unleashing your creative potential.

    Quilting your Legacy and setting the intentions to ensure every one of your favorite people has a quilted project made by you starts right now.


    I look forward to sewing with you soon!

    Your Quilting Friend, -👩‍🦰Emily 



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