July 01, 2022 2 min read

July's Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge is Christmas in July!

Goodness, if you've been with us since the beginning then you'll know July's theme has been the same for the past few years. 


Christmas in July means you could make projects with fabric featuring winter scenes or make quilted projects specifically for one or more of your favorite people. 

But here's the deal, you must show your progress. Start with taking a photo of the fabric/ pattern with what you will create.

1/2 points if you've started a project and are inspired or re-motivated to finish. But again, we must see where you're now, then the second photo of your finished project at the end of the month.

Full points for new projects (such as; Couch Quilts, Table Toppers, or Bed Quilts) but they must be made for a specific person intended to gift on Christmas or during a Winter Holiday day in December. 


👉❤️Everyone of our favorite people should received a quilted project from us Legacy Quilters to ensure our Legacies not only live on but also to ensure our favorite people know they're loved and cherished. 


Let's see the progress! Start, middle, and end of the project. (VERY IMPORTANT - WE ALL NEED MORE INSPIRATION  & MOTIVATION)


Unsure what to make?? Take the Quiz! 


What to do next:

Day 1-10 Declare the Facebook Group "I'm In" if you're participating in the month's challenge.

Day 2-30 Take a photo or write text with your tentative idea (or ideas) of what you're going to create.

Day 31 (or sooner) - Show off what you created within the guidelines by posting a photo.

The process is everything this month. So let's see and be a part of your quilting adventure!

Happy Quilting your Legacy!


Go to Facebook and state, "I'm in!". Perhaps adding a photo of the pattern, choosing fabrics, or just text is fine.

Set your intentions now.

What will you create for one or more of your favorite people?

Let's encourage and support each other on our monthly sewing challenge. See you on the Facebook Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge page.


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