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Quilting your Legacy Monthly Themed Challenge is Solid Fabric Projects!   

I've been noticing an uptick in people purchasing solid fabrics. The question, 'wow, these beautiful colors go together nicely, what are you going to create? Flows out of my mouth because I'm so curious.

When I think of solid fabrics, I reflect on Amish quilts and quilts from early America. But also some modern quilts definitely have bright and bold solid quilts and projects.


While doing research for solid quilts, I had fun going through my Grandma’s quilting books and I noticed there are many documented examples of 1930s quilts with pastel colors in solids.

The quilts included but not limited to, Dresden plate, Double Ring, and Grandmother's Flower Garden are several examples of patterns that were made with solids only.

To be frank, I've never done a project only using solid fabrics, but I'm intrigued, and I hope you're too!

The neat thing about using solid fabrics is how they can contrast each other.

Using solid fabrics is an excellent way to add texture and play of color. You can use solids in backgrounds, borders, or even as a highlight or bold pop of color.


Here's some inspiration!


“This Vermont Mill Wheel quilt was discovered in an antique store in New York, New York in 2010 with this remarkable inscription carefully cross-stitched in a gold-colored thread on the front “Sarah. and Annis. Holt Berlin. Vt 1838.” What follows is a later, less skillful cross-stitch inscription in black thread “A Present To O. Sherwin. 1881.” This intriguing and unusual documentation inspired further research. Who was O. Sherwin? Why would sisters Sarah and Annis Holt gift the quilt to an O. Sherwin, some 43 years later?”

Read more about this quilt by clicking HERE

Photo credit and information goes to American Quilt Study Group. Article by Patricia Rennau from North Fayston, VT.


“Lula Roberts was only sixteen years old in 1894 when she decided to make a quilt for her brother’s marriage. With help from her mother, she deftly hand stitched curved seams to make diamonds, then joined them into stars with a complete circle in the center. The Roberts family farmed near Riceville, a tiny community in South Mississippi. In spite of her rural isolation, Lula’s work has elements of other late nineteenth-century quilts in the state, particularly the solid colors, circular motif, triple sashing, and borders as shown in Mississippi Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Johnson. I was unable to find a similar quilt or a source for the pattern that Lula called Rising Sun.”

Read more about this quilt by clicking HERE.

Photo credit and information goes to American Quilt Study Group. Article by Susan Price Miller from Louisville, KY


Colorful Kona Squares is a FREE pattern from Robert Kaufman. 

Click HERE for the PDF pattern. 


A rainbow gradient with uniformity to color coordinated or scrappy, imagine the possibilities. Skip the icing and get cutting into feature fabrics of solids. 

Cookie Cutter from Jaybird Quilts

Click HERE for complete details. 


Striped Delight Villa Rosa Designs

Quilt 48" X 60".     Using 2 1/2"

Strips Striped Delight from Villa Rosa Designs. Click HERE to see it. 


Firefly quilt is traditionally pieced and finishes 72-1/2in square. Pattern includes bonus instructions for making a bee quilt.

Firefly Quilt Pen & Paper Patterns Click HERE



What will you make this May’s Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge? 


I believe I’m going to start with a table topper!


I’ll show you on the Facebook page! 


If you haven’t signed up for the Quilting your Legacy Monthly Challenge do it by CLICKING HERE




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