When mom say's “no”, go ask Grandma... ~ Happy New Year! 2018 Here we go!

Happy New Year everyone!

As I welcome 2018 I'm reflecting back into the past...


I learned from an early age that if my mom said “no”, go ask Grandma... she understood why I needed a brand new car at age 17. Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, and females who took the motherly role are an important piece of who we are today.

At age 8, my grandma taught me how to create patterns and how to sew. Together she would spend time with me creating Beanie Babies sleeping bags. She was clever and instead of making one sleeping bag at a time, she helped me create a pattern and sew a long piece of fabric probably 30 inches in length by 10 inches tall and made slots for each Beanie Baby to sleep in its own comfy spot peacefully.

I made my first throw size blanket at age 13 and WHOA, it had insane colors! I truly don’t know what I was even thinking! The colors were lime green, bright orange, and with navy blue whales printed on the fabric. Last year I was asked to enter it into the Deerfield Valley Quilt show, but my Grandma advised not to. :-)

Have you created a crazy fabric colored quilt that you now wonder what were you thinking? We’d love to see a photo uploaded on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/NortonHouseQuilting

If you do we’ll give you a two free fat quarter coupon for your next online purchase.


Happy Quilting! It's a beautiful day to begin a quilting project.


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