June 11, 2018 4 min read


We took a long weekend and escaped to Cape Cod, MA a few weeks ago. The boy's birthday is in this month and it was the perfect weekend to get for some fun in the sun before summer kicks into full gear!


I'm like every other quilter and looked at the Quilt Shop Navigator and Quilter's Companion for nearby quilt shops while in the area. When in Rome... you know?


This year while on our way to Cape Cod we stopped at, "A Quilted Crow" in Bolton, MA. (When we go to a Red Sox's or Patriot's game I usually will stop in and purchase something... I mean why not... it's along the way :)).) This time it was packed full of quilters first thing in the morning. While standing in line to purchase a quilting magazine for the beach, I asked a lady behind me if a sale or something was going on and she replied, 'no, but it's the first of the month, and everyone's getting their class supplies and fabrics for class.' It was excellent hearing quilters asking their friends which fabrics would go better.


I enjoy A Quilted Crow because it's not only clean, but it's full of goodies in every nook and cranny like the Norton House. Plus, their wool section and patterns is surprisingly large with everything you need to pick out a project while traveling on the road.


The second shop we went to is called, "Quilter's Pallet" in Eastham, MA. This fabric shop is a real GEM! I was a tad nervous while pulling into the driveway because I thought Google had misled us to someone's home but that is not the case at all!


Before I tell you about the fantastic quilt shop, I first must share with you a short side-story with a smart tip. While leaving Provincetown, MA for a day of exploring and eating incredible foods, Nate asked if I saw any fabric shops that I wanted to check out along the way back to our cottage house we rented - I know! He is a keeper for sure!


Anyways, I forgot to bring my Quilter's Navigator and Quilter's Companion with me, so I took to my smartphone and googled fabric shops near me, and that is how I found the gem of a quilt shop called, Quilter’s Palate. So, that is a friendly reminder to use your smartphone while traveling and type into google, "fabric shops" or "quilt shops" and see what pops up.


Quilter's Palate is quaint and cozy shop above a garage with a house attached. As I previously mentioned I was a tad concerned that Google had us going down a dirt road into some random person's driveway but, that was not the case at all! After walking around the house on a stone walkway, I stepped up onto a porch and then, a saw door and with quilting signs on it and just took the leap of faith and went on up. After I walked up the stairs I was immediately met by the shop owner. She was so kind and attentive. She showed me around and told me about her sales.


I choose three fabrics that remind me of the cape and will create a quick throw blanket for the couch using Villa Rosa pattern, "Radiance."


If you're on your way or going to the Cape Cod this summer, you should put this quilt shop on your list of must-see fabric shops. Plus, tell her, Emily from Vermont sent you :)


The final shop I went to is called, "Sew Pro Cape Cod" in Sandwich, MA. We went there after going to the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA (which is another must on the cape with the kid or without kids it's inspiring too.)  Anyways, so the "Sew Pro Cape Cod" was open and spacious with high ceilings. They had a balanced mix of fabrics, patterns, and notions. I spoke with the owner, and she was personable and friendly. I enjoyed her company.

 Sew Pro Cape Cod

I bought a book that I hadn't seen before titled, "Borders and Motifs" by Michaela Learner. It's a hand embroidery book with 84 iron-on transfers - it is awesome! I love doing needlework.


All-in-all the family trip was a success! I'm thankful that my family is patient and understanding of my love of everything quilting and needlework. Our "kick-off the summer" trip to the cape was rejuvenating, peaceful, and relaxing. We did amazing things as a family too, such as; find the best places to eat a lobster roll near where we stated in Bourne, MA, exploring all around P-Town, going to Sandwich but we didn't eat a sandwich in Sandwich, MA. Then going to "The Heritage Museum" to the car show for Nate's love of cars.


Tons of beach time within walking distances to the house we stayed at.


All around it was an incredible time with tons of memories made.


What's your favorite fabric shop on the cape?

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