Holiday Surprise Packages

Posted by Emily Hammer on

Holiday Surprise Packages are now available! Reserve yours now. (Limited quantities.)

$29. , $49. Or $59. - you choose. Each box will be feature unique sewing tools, patterns, yummy treats from Grandpa’s 1836 Country Store, and your favorite color fabrics. (Or have the fabrics be a mystery.)

Tell us your favorite color and we will find tonal and print fabrics to match.

Would you like Bali & Batiks fabrics along with unique sewing tools, patterns, yummy treats from Grandpa’s 1836 Country Store? Brilliant! Tell us in the comments or email after you purchase your favorite color.

What to do next:
• Which size box would you enjoy?
• Will purchase a box for your favorite sewing friend and yourself or just yourself?
• Would you like Bali & Batik fabrics or printed fabrics in your favorite color or theme fabrics?

Each package will be shipped out as soon as we receive the order.

Write in the comments or email Emily if you would like:

• Bali fabrics
• Blues
• Mystery Pack
• Christmas Fabrics
• Halloween Fabrics
• Autumn Fabrics
• White, Grey, Blacks

When you receive the package, place it under your Christmas Tree or store it your gifts. It’s advised not to open until Christmas morning or when you open Holiday presents. It’s our way of ensuring you open a gift we know you will want and enjoy!

Cheers to you Legacy Quilter! (Order now because this offer is only for a limited time.)


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