July 25, 2022 2 min read

BRAND NEW Ombre fabrics have arrived! In this YouTube video: 

  • I'll entertain you with how Ombre is made
  • 3 Ways to Use Ombre fabrics
  • I've spotlighted the eight new Ombre fabrics that have arrived at the shop.   



👉How to use Ombre Fabrics 

Ombre fabrics are magical because you can use many different shades that blend seamlessly together.

Ombré ("shaded" in French) is the blending of one color hue to another, usually fades from light to dark over a length of the fabric. 

The color in an ombre fabric is all the same hue, with shades and tints added. So, for example, if the color fades lighter, they add white and black to the original fabric hue if the color fades darker.


👉3 Ways to Use & Cut Ombre Fabrics

  1. You can easily cut the Ombre into long or short strips to ensure you get the color changes. 
  2. You could cut large pieces of Ombra because of the many different color values that can be arranged. Using Ombre will make the project look like you've used several fabrics in one colorful quilt. 
  3. You can also fussy cut the fabrics into the colorway you want most. 


👉Matching Fabrics

Many people have trouble when choosing or matching quilt colors. Using ombre fabrics can make matching colors easier. 


🧵❤️Quilting your Legacy Tip: Look at the salvage on the bottom of the fabrics; most likely, you'll see small circles on the selvage detailing the colors used throughout a material. 


And here's the best part about Ombre fabrics! It allows you to have multiple shades and tints of fabric matching throughout a quilt without buying small amounts of various materials.


Watch the video now: Let's play with the 8-fabric bolts now.   


🔥View the beautiful fabrics and shop🛍 https://www.nortonhousequilting.com/collections/ombre-fabrics

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