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Below is a letter we sent out to a few thousand bonus card members. If you didn't receive a letter, no worries because you'll be able to read it below and all the critical information I've been sending out in newsletters. Thank you for your support and for reading this. Beckie and I (Emily) appreciate you greatly. 


Without you we wouldn't be able to continue the late owner my Grandmother, Suzanne Alice Wells Wurzberger's dream and passion of owning a quilt shop and filling it with fabric, patterns, quilting kits, gifts, puzzles, and everything quilting of course!

Beckie and I (Emily) are humble and honored to be able to continue her legacy. We are assisted by my nine-year-old twins, Colton and Landon. They also help their Great Grandfather in the 1836 Country Store.


Upcoming events:

  • 7th Annual Quilt Show and Craft Show in Honor of Suzanne A. Wurzberger will be held at Memorial Hall in downtown Wilmington, VT. The dates for the show is, October 13th and 14th, 2018
  • Vermont Shop Hop, starting Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 31th - Passports will go on sale in December and you don’t want to miss the awesome premium this year! Passport and FREE gift $7.00 value (while supplies last).

Would you be able to honor us with one or more of your quilts or quilts made by a loved one? We will be excepting quilts at the Norton House now until October 11th. See the back of this page for complete details.

We invite you to join bring in your honorable quilts our adventures on Facebook - to see the latest projects, flash sales, and other noteworthy information.


Would you be able to honor us with one or more of your quilts?

  • The show will be held at Historic Memorial Hall in downtown Wilmington, VT
  • General admission is by donation for all patrons
  • It is a 2-day event, October 13th and 14th of 2018
  • The show will be open to the general public Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm

All donations will be going to LKG a local organization which stands for Loose Knit Group. During the academic year, they provide food for the Deerfield Valley kids on the weekends and when the schools cannot. They began the Food 4 Kids program to provide kids with filled bags with non-perishable foods for eligible children each Friday. If you can help the organization with their cause, contact Barbara directly, or email her if you have questions about the program.

Quilts of Valor will be featured at the show. Quilts of Valor, an organization dedicated to making quilts for all American soldiers and veterans who have been touched by war. The Deerfield Valley Chapter is newly formed, and Tammie will be featured at the quilt show accepting donations and signing people up to join the local chapter. The group started working together in last April. The group is working hard to be able to present each local veteran with a quilt.


Quilts information:

  • All size quilts and/or wall hangings, including needlework expected
  • There is no fee to enter your quilts
  • You may submit as many quilts as you would like (we’ll do our best to display them)
  • There is no judging of Quilts
  • With every quilt you submit there MUST be a “In Honor of Quilt” form (contact Emily to either mail you copies or sent via email in a PDF – )
  • Parking, you can either park in the Norton House Quilting parking lot and walk a short distance to the show or you can park behind Memorial Hall – both places for free
  • Drop off – you can drop your quilts off at the Norton House during business hours or we encourage you to bring them during the set-up time on Friday from 4pm-6pm
  • Pick up – pick up your quilts promptly at 4pm after the show ends or we’ll bring them back to the Norton House but you must let us know

In Honor of my Grandmother Suzanne Alice Wells Wurzberger, I vow to do what is needed to ensure the Quilt & Crafts Show success and prosperity going forward. If you have questions I welcome you to contact me.


Set up for the show will be on Friday from 4-6pm, however, we can open sooner but you need to contact Beckie or Emily at the Norton House for an appointment (we hope to be able to accommodation you). We’re open 9-5pm daily at the Norton House, 802-464-7213 or email at:


We have no vendors space left. However, we have created a waiting list for next year, 2019. 


Stay current with to date info by ‘liking’ our Facebook Business Page


Norton House Quilting                            

PO Box 579                                                                                         

Wilmington, VT 05363                                                                       


Shop phone number: 802-464-7213

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A friend
A friend

October 01, 2018

Just FYI, it needs to be “Letter from Beckie and Me”. If you would say “Letter from Beckie” and “Letter from Me”, then you would shorten that to “Letter from Beckie and Me”. You wouldn’t say “Letter from I” so you wouldn’t say “Letter from Beckie and I”. Please!!

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