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While on a short trip up to Maine this past weekend (my mom and I, with high school friends, went disco dancing to Motor Booty Affair - it was a blast!)  I was asked, "why do you quilt?". I replied with a quick answer of, "well my Grandma taught me - creating quilts and table runners is what defines who I am in the world."

They looked at me satisfied with my answer, but the question stuck to me like a pin to a magnetic bowl. Why do I indeed quilt and craft...? I asked myself. And then while driving home from the trip, it all made sense!

Reasons why I love quilting and crafting:

1. Quilting is my creative escape. I love the visionary process of that goes into choosing the pattern and the color pallet. Or sometimes it the opposite, fist the fabric inspires and then going on the lookout for the best pattern to show off the unforgettable fabric prints. I also love the design process, but not too much the writing of how-to. However, I feel that it's getting better.

2. Quilting is my sanity. It is something that doesn’t involve the kids, partner or family, and it allows me to disappear from the world, even if it is only for 20 minutes each day. I craft to honor myself.

3. Quilting keeps my mind sharp. I've noticed when I needlework at night my mind goes to sleep quicker then if I watch a tv show before going to sleep.

4. Quilting gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is something tangible. Who doesn’t love the feeling of “I created that!”

5. Quilting is my relaxation. When I get stressed, I go to my sewing nook to relax in my personal space. I not only sew where I left off, but I also play around with my fabric pieces envisioning what the best project for the fabric will be.

6. I love to share my love of quilting with others. I love working with customers at the Norton House to pick out fabrics, making samples while doing demos, and teaching others to quilt. I enjoy to share knowledge and inspire.

7. Quilts are very practical. I'm always cold, so it helps to have warm blankets around. Quilts also are fun to decorate walls and even table runners or table toppers. Plus, they make exceptional and convent gifts.

8. The history of quilts is fascinating. I love the feeling that I am keeping a tradition alive that has been passed down for many generations. My boys enjoy learning to quilt and do needlework, it essential to continue to teach younger people the tradition going.

9. I am blessed to have had my Grandma be an expert seamstress and to teach me her passion and love of quilting. We not only made a few quilts together but also beanie baby sleeping bags and skirts. I use her knowledge and appreciation of the craft every day. I am very thankful.

10. Quilting more than is more than just hobby to me; it is part of what makes me...me!

I found an informational link about the health benefits to Quilting, see the link below, but before you go here is an excerpt:

"The nature of quilting itself is extremely calming and is another example of the health benefits of quilting. The repetitive motions of quilting and sewing help to relax our brain, which lessens the flight or fight response triggered by stress. The sense of accomplishment quilters feel when completing a project also ties directly into stress relief, as it boosts confidence in our creative abilities."



One more link with more reasons why quilting and crafting is so important for mental health, https://so-sew-easy.com/amazing-benefits-of-quilting/

Why do you quilt and craft?

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!


Happy Quilting & Crafting!

-Emily and Beckie


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Eve Mitchell
Eve Mitchell

June 30, 2022

It’s good to know that quilts are very practical. I have been thinking about buying a quilt for my home. I’d love to get one handcrafted by someone. http://quiltsnfabricstore.com/shop/Quilts/Amish-HandQuilted-Quilts.htm

Levi Armstrong
Levi Armstrong

July 28, 2020

I love that you said that quilting allows you to relax when you are stressed because you get to have your alone time in your sewing nook. My mom was looking for Hawaiian quilts for sale online the other day when I thought to myself that I should start learning how to quilt. The pandemic has taken a toll on my mental health, and I think quilting will help me take my mind off stressful things. Thanks for this! http://www.sewspecialmaui.net/gallery

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